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Accounting/Job costing software?

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I use Peachtree.... looking at changing to something that can track our inventory better. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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I use Cyrious software. It can do all of your invoicing, statements, estimates, inventory, etc. It is not cheap, and it takes a lot of work to get every piece of material you use in the database. I've been using it since 2008 and can't imagine doing without it now. But there was a learning curve for my employees. Took a good 6 months to get all the kinks out and missed items input. It makes price increased much easier. If vinyl goes up, change the cost of vinyl, and every product that uses it will reflect the the cost and price. This is not just for vinyl shops, it can price anything. Let me know if you like more info, I'll give you a call.

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There are more than a few off the shelf and SaaS solutions out there. I never really liked Peachtree... at least not for our industry.

No matter what you decide, just keep in mind that the more users you have, the more difficult it is to change up applications. e.g. if you have 7-8 users in various roles, involve them in the decision process, have them help evaluate what they want, like, and need, etc.

Each have their strengths, most limit customization, and few have modules or add ons which are pretty good overall.

I have nothing bad to say about the following:



I can't say enough good things about the following, however they're pricey ERP solutions:


-Keyedin Sign Edition


I would be happy to build you a custom solution for unlimited users which handles invoices, purchase orders, job tracking, document management, customer & sub-contractor facing interface, web integration, installer integration, shop floor integration, inventory, etc. Basically all the bells and whistles you can ever need. However you would be in the neighborhood of $15-20k for development plus travel expenses and lodging from Northern CA to your location. It would take about a month before it's ready to deploy for beta and at least (4) 2 day site visits. Ballpark of $25k completed with 3 years remote support.

However, I'm not sure you would need this level of customization. You may very well be completely satisfied with any of the aforementioned products. They're all scalable and follow well established best practices.

Feel free to ask me any questions.

Hope this helps,

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Call me old fashioned. I do it all long form, for most custom jobs. Material list, shop labor time, install time. Add my mark ups, and I'm done. This way I get involved, and know the job inside and out.

I run a upright inch formula on standard channel letters, plus install variable.

I don't let anyone else quote a job. Unless it's a simple vinyl job, then the wife deals with it.

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Great answers all - I appreciate the feedback.

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CASper is the most reliable and is dissigned just for the sign industry. I have used other software, and I will not use anything else.

Call me if you want more information 704-529-4440

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    • Happy birthday Erik. I hope I keep my baby face like you have managed to
    • I was always under the impression that the mass produced neon signs where pushed through a die and made. I had no idea they where actually hand made. thanks for sharing.
    • I split these posts off to create it's own topic because it's far too interesting to get lost in the shuffle in a LED discussion.   Those are some awesome pics Frank, thanks for sharing those....oh and by all means I don't think anyone here can get tired from hearing about Neon!
    • Sure, I'm on the wrong computer but I have some of Fallon Shanghai...   This is an order for 3500 Miller Lite (Old Logo), we are waiting (too long) for Ventex transformers coming in from the states so all these are minus them - this was a typical month's production - we could do more but it was waiting for materials which always screwed with the schedule.   All the masterpack boxes behind are with the power supplies.  We only did pattern bending, no jigs or fixtures, with 25 benders.  Each table had a QC girl who checked every bit of glass made by the benders by slotting them into a jig.    We used all EGL glass and electrodes and when we ran out of clear I did source Chinese clear that was made for lamp manufacture (I kept this a secret that we're using Chinese glass lol).  On a side line I wanted to do our own coating, its not rocket science once you have the right phosphor / binder and kiln. I've coated before in Australia ( tes I was there too! ol).  Where people sourcing glass come undone - the glass formula needed to be for lamp manufacture and the tubes are acid washed and dried before packing.  If you just buy any clear glass its ok for small units ~4 feet. Anything more than 5 feet you're pushing it and 7~8 feet fuhgeddaboudit! Yes it will pump and age ok, neon looks good bright red but then after about a day or two the electrodes cannot keep up with the outgassing and the tube fails.    This is the pump I designed- 12 ports three bombarders (custom made with the secondary center tapped like a neon transformer for safety) at the far end was another pump. Each port could be isolated if there was a problem with a unit. We had three of these running continuously with two pumpers at each one.  One was the operator while the other one tipped off units on one end and connected six more on the other end.  So when one side was doing the final pumping down the other side was ready to go when the GTO was switched over.  My original plans had a bombarder GTO switch so it was just a flick of a switch to do the other side.  Our standard was the electrodes would be heated to a bright orange and we did a helium flush   The neon aged for 4 hours with the Hg in the trap, any unit not dull was rejected.  The ones that passed the first aging were aged for 7 more hours when the Hg was admitted. We had a lot of aging tables with three layers.  We could switch between 30 and 60mA, usually it was 60mA for 8mm we would use 30mA.  Aging neon with 30mA is too slow.     Cheers...   PS Don't get me talking about neon...I'll bend your ear off!
    • have any pictures you can share? sounds fascinating!
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