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Tech Support!!!! LED IP not being found

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OK,I have bowed out and submitted this because we have been fighting and wasting too much time.

We have a BLS-1079 LED sign and running its software of LEDEditor and LEDCenterM with no success of the sign's IP being read and understood.

Any suggestions?

Will explain all troubleshooting done when needed.

Thanks in advance

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Wired? - Dare I ask if the Ethernet cable is plugged into the sign and a router?

WiFi Wireless? - Is the wifi access properly set up? i.e. Credentials. passwords?

All in all it sounds like a network configuration issue and likely a conflict.

You'll also need to confirm the correct Communication settings are chosen.

NOTE: since the IP address is manually configured you need to make sure there is no conflict with the router or other device on the network. If you have access to the sites router, you should be able to confirm IF and what address has been assigned to the sign. I would recommend you set up a reservation for the sign's mac address on the router. That way it will stay the same.

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It's plugged in. Have tried with and without a router. Have tried the supplied data cable and ones I built. Have gone directly from the board and from the intended port....still nothing.

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Using only the router admin, can you see the sign? If not, you've yet to successfully set up/configure the board. You'll need to hook a laptop directly up to the sign and configure it.

These cheaper offshore signs are not the easiest to configure and come with little support in the form of a poorly structured manual. Nonetheless, open up the setup manual and follow it step by step making sure you've got all of the correct software and comm drivers on your laptop.

My personal opinion is these signs are alright..... but they are so over driven, they will likely fail in 2 to 3 years. Again, they are not a "breeze" to set up.

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