Turned my Truck Into an Advertising Beacon
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Hi Everyone;

Here is something you will get a kick out of.

I am a 100% Disabled Vietnam Vet. I needed a way to advertise my book “The Warzone PTSD Survivors Guide.”.

I couldn’t afford regular advertising so with the help of a local sign company I came up with a solution.

I had a sign added to the existing signage on my truck.  See it in the photo.

Using some brand new technology, I was able to turn my truck into an advertising beacon sending out this notification to all Andriod Phones around me -  “For More Info on PTSD & Vets Issues.”

That notification is a link to my books sales page on Amazon.

This was super cheap.

How many of your clients would love to do what I did? Probably all of them! This will completely send Vehicle Signage into the 21st Century:thumbs: 

I’d love to get some feedback  


Couldn't post the photo of truck Email me for it: DonP@PTSDHotline.Com

I guess I need some help getting into the 21st Century myself:bullethole:

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