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Where can I buy a clock movement for 30" analogue clock

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Does anyone have a reliable source for a clock movement?  Need to build a couple of signs with 30" analogue clocks built into the display.  Looking for two mechanisms that tie together and are controlled by a device that keeps the time accurate.


please advise John@CTSign.com


thank you

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    • By Erik Sine
      Thought I'd post some pics of a project I recently put up for a group of owners I've been doing some signs for over 15 years, this is the latest project located here in San Diego in Pacific Beach California.
      This job was supposed to be up last December, but as you can imagine things don't happen over night like they should in for this project in California and a good reason why business's leave California for other fruitful states in our grand union.
      This project was no different and unlike other states.....here,anything built on the beach, you have to go through the California Coastal Commission.  This establishment won't be ready after much delay until almost a year later, and set to open this November possibly December.
      This project was originally composed of a third sign, a 18' tall projecting sign which got denied in the permitting process.  Can't get them all in California I guess you can say.
      So we're left to be happy with what THEY allow us to have.
      Anyhow, this project is two 4' x 20' Electric wall sign cabinets, 1/8" alum walls and 3" deep open face channel letters spaced 1.5" from the cabinet background.  18mm Tri-Phosphor Voltarc Accent 30 border, and Voltarc 15mm Rare Earth Phosphor Sparkling Blue Letter outline lighting.  The owners wanted a halo lighting similar to a previous job so we used Our NC LED's Constant Current Green LED Modules for low light subtle Rear Letter Halo Lighting.
      All Lighting Powered by Franceformer's for Neon, and our Union Elecom for the driving the NC Green Constant Current LED's
      A big thank you to Joe Walsh of Voltarc for helping us get what was needed for this job, the Neon is Brilliant and of course stands out over the beach night city scape.  This Beach won't be needing a light house for lost fisherman after all now thanks to Voltarc!
      There aren't very many Neon signs on this coast that I know of, in fact....I can't think of any so these signs are a real beacon.  They must be because the owners asked me if after installation and first lighting if I could hook up a dimmer......" a wut??!?!"
      Early assembly shots

      Tranny trays

      And a shot of our LED Wall Pass Thru System



      A solo illumination shot of our Green Constant Current NC LED Modules, using just a single stroke for a light subtle offering.

      Wall Pattern Day.  If you're going to do a sign project on a hot summer day you might as well be RIGHT on the beach.  All that project stress went away sitting on the scaffolding listening to the seagulls, the crashing of waves, and smell of sea spray.  I won't lie, I wanted to just bust out a hammock and go to sleep.
      Yes, I was working in Van's....I'm in SoCal, so that's all you need to know!

      Westrim Products Graphed Pattern Paper!

    • By Erik Sine
      So here's a cool lil sign I did recently for a same group of bar/restaurant owners that I do work for.
      This is a renovation of an old building where we removed the old 16 year old exterior signs and neon to start anew. This time I also used pure 100% aluminum instead of the jet plate galvinized metal for the sign body and letters. Which also meant it was mainly routed out on the CNC and not so much fabrication by hand. It haas it's +'s and -'s. I like hand fabrication.....call me old fashion. But all the holes to line up this time around!
      Early fab pic

      One thing was for sure, it was a LOT lighter this go around!

      Fresh after painting with Matthews. I didn't get as many pics this time around for this job like I usually do, I was just so damn busy juggling so many hats.

      Now starting assembly. .090 rear open face channel letter reflector for halo lighting as well as making the the red lletters punch from the dark background by giving it some contrast. The smaller FCO's for the Neon background on the smaller cabinet are .063 aluminum. Also pictured are the TC-200 Housings for the 18mm FMS BL6500 CCFL Lamps, or Neon!

      and of course this sign is powered by the Military grade Transco To Go UNT Tanks, beastly 100% suckers! Makes my forearms cry just looking at them!

      One thing I wasnted to do was mix a little LED with Neon. Stop it, they do mix well! From the Sign Syndicate test comparison "Blue Light Special", I chose to use NC LED's constant current blue series to give the open face channel letters a nice lil blue halo lighting.

      And of course the NC LEDs are powered by the military grade 90-277v Axiom LED 60 Watt Power Supply

      All assembled and ready to load up, Kgirl taking the rear!

      Getting this wall sign craned up

      My Sexretary and Lead Project Manager checking up on us to see if all is going well as well as cracking the whip over us!

      Mixing in some wet location Masters Technologies Boots and sleeving for the open face channel letter FMS 12mm Ruby Red Neon lamps

      Porcelain Trasnco To Go TC-200 Housings and brass FMS Neon tube supports

      Some derelict we found wandering on the roof, he claimed he knew how to install Neon so we hired him for the day. He was cheap labor, not sure if he was legal help but he was cheap!

      Go figure, everything lined up, everything went smoothly, but one damn unit was just an inch too long...Damn Neon benders! Of course, something has to go wrong on an easy day!

      The next day. Now I just owe you a day shot!

      In the end to summarize the job, it went fairly smoothly from fabrication to installation. I really like the FMS Neon Rich Blue which is the equivelant to EGL's Horizon Blue, for all parameter and interior border tubing we went with a big fat 18mm, the interior horzontal white is FMS Neon's BL6500 Tri-Triphosphor white. The open face channel letters are FMS Neon's Ruby Red, which looks similarly to Tecnolux's Ruby Red. "Bar & Grill" is a 12mm version of the tri-phosphor white.
      Gotta love the lighting, good ol Red, White, & Blue!
      Annual cost of operation of left on 8 hours a day? $221.00
      Electric Wall Sign Recipe:
      Transco UNT Tanks magnetic variable seconday transformers, 2 - 9kv, 2 - 15kv units Transco 14 AWG Silicone GTO Masters Technologies Wet Location Boots & Sleeving Trasco Porcelain TC-200 housings FMS Neon 12mm Ruby Red FMS Neon 18mm Rich Blue FMS Neon 18mm, 12mm BL6500 Tri-Phosphor White NC LED's Constant Current .48 watt blue LED Modules Axiom LED's Military Grade 60 watt 10.5 to 15v variable LED Power Supply Transco Federal Bushings FMS Neon Brass Tube Supports Trasnco Toggle Switch
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