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We have a new customer who needs a new sign face at an existing business.  The existing sign has a Sign Monkey sticker.  The clear vinyl is delaminating and the sign is in poor shape.  They have these clear little tabs that stick off the back where it was installed.  The little tabs are so you don't have to open the face to install.  When I looked it up on their website I was floored.  They say right on the website that their signs don't need an electrician to install, they have cables that can be plugged into the next letter, then the next and so on.  They are even ul listed.

In Washington State, if it's electrical you have to have an ELECTRICIAN install it unless it has a regular plug in (like a hanging window sign). 

Has anyone else seen this?  Thoughts?  I'm really uncomfortable how easy they make installing look, when we all know it's not that easy.



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As soon as they download I'll share, but they aren't great photos.  Hey, you should check out the "faux neon" channel letters...


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After looking at their website... It's really no different than any other LED channel letter set. I really like the "plug and play" system as far as hooking up the channel letters to the power supply, I have been on way too many service calls where there are loose or missing wire nuts or 75 wires in 1 wire nut! So making the letters connect to the power supply with a simple two pin connector is a pretty great idea to me.

With that being said, the lexan clips for mounting is a TERRIBLE IDEA!  Ol' John Won tightens the screws too tight when mounting it to the building and that thing will break, what are the chances he removes the clip and replaces it? If he was cheap enough to want to install the sign himself then I don't see that happening.,,

As far as not having to be an electrician, Low voltage does not require any kind of license in most states that I know of, getting primary to the sign is where you have to have a license in most cases. Their power supply does plug into an outlet so you would still have to have an electrician get an outlet to the location of your sign.

Now with all that being said... I really don't think having the end user install their own sign is a good idea at all, there are way too many scenarios that come into play with the mounting of the sign let alone the risks of having them up on a ladder or scaffolding rolling out a 25' paper pattern. I would also question the quality of the products that they are using if you are seeing it coming apart. My prediction... You will start seeing either his "plug and play" connectors or another version of them on letters everywhere soon.

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This is the pic, not a bad sign but hard to read.  I have no idea what this business was, they were'nt in this location for long.  It's hard to see in the photo, but the edges of the print are starting to peel.  (I downsized the photo to attach it here).

I agree about the installation tabs, it's a horrible idea.  I'm hoping people who buy this stuff do a little homework about what they are buying and how it's going to be installed. 


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How generous, the unique patented Sign Money EZlit Letters and EZlit Logo's come with a 1 year warranty.  Replacement parts can be new or "refurbished".  Also, any labor to replace during this 1 year period is not part of the warranty.  :gay:

I have to chuckle that he's in the electric sign industry yet Neon needs to be installed by other "experts".  Also if his Faux Neon letter "E" was Neon he would get zapped at 15,000 volts for just merely touching the glass... "so you don't want to do that".  But yet in a video is it was said he's actually an "electrician"....I guess in his videos he's just playing to the end-user, consumer audience that can install themselves  :lol_hitting:


If you spend a little more with them he might throw in his "Sign Monkey Archimedes Hydropower Screw Generator" to go with your plug-n-play channel letter set that "anyone" can install, maybe even a monkey.


In all seriousness though....the Owner of Sign Monkey is also the owner of Paris Signs in West Virginia, a company that seems to know what their building judging from their gallery pages.  So I don't know why the whole "Sign Monkey" thing

The address of both companies are the same.

He seems to be using Osram LED's, which is listed on the Monkey.  He explains that his Neon LED is more efficient than Neon....uh...Wut?!?! 

The watts per foot is about the same if not less for Neon 3.7 watts per foot LED vs 3 watts per foot Neon.  We don't even have to go into Lumens because the whites, greens, blues etc for Neon is 3x to 10x that of LED for "faux Neon"

He's also a member here, with no participation since 2009 and recently rejoining last year.  As a member, shame on him for throwing Neon under the bus, he should be better educated and informed than that by just reading here with all the data we pump out on cost of operation for light sources,, but then again, he's not active here so....



Our NON CHINA.... NC Reckless LED's comes with a 5 year warranty (50,000 hour) and will cover up to $500 for labor costs per incident.  To this date we have not had ANY come back to us.  But then again, we aren't toting our LED systems directly to the consumer.  But any consumer should rest assured if their Signs are lit by our Reckless LED's! 


Okay, shameless "plug" with no pun intended......*kek*...plug :P


You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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    • Can you share some pics of the phone modem that isn't working?  
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