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If You're Looking For Premium Electric Sign Industry Components Like Trim Cap, LED's, USHIO LED Lamps, Neon Supplies, or LED Power Supplies, Then Please Visit Our Online Store or Feel Free To Call Us For Inquiries or Placing an Order!!

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Before You Work For A National Sign & Service Company You Need To Look At The Reviews Of These Companies Before You Work For Them. Learn When To Expect Payment From Them and What It's Like To Work For Them, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. Learn and Share Your Experiences Yourself For Others

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We're Moving Out

Erik Sine

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CALL 858-880-1400 or email orders@thesignsyndicate.com To Place OrdersWere-moving-van.jpg

Well, it's one of those times where the lease ends and it's time to move to another location.


So from now until the end of January on top of our Christmas Sale we're also having a Moving Sale, the least amount of items I need to move, the better on my back!



Our Christmas Sale Advertisement Below, we have more to add


Xmas Color 2018 Sale.jpg




NC Reckless-3  6500K IP68  .72w modules  Constant Current  2 Mods/Foot  50 Module Tray  $45.00 Each (20 in Stock)

Buy 10 or more for Free Shipping


NC Reckless-3  Blue IP68  .72w modules  Constant Current  2 Mods/Foot  50 Module Tray  $45.00 Each (16 in Stock)

Buy 10 or more for Free Shipping





All items below are priced based on in stock only.  After these are gone, our regular pricing stands.





3/4" x 165' Rolls - $40.00 Each


Green - 4 rolls

Dark Blue - 5 Rolls

Blue - 5 Rolls

Bronze -  2 Rolls

Yellow - 5 Rolls

Duranotic Bronze - 3 Rolls

Red - 2 Rolls


1" x 165' Rolls


Black - 5 Rolls  $50.00 Each

White - 2 Rolls  $50.00 Each

Red - 3 Rolls  $48.00 Each

Blue - 5 Rolls  $48.00 Each

Gold - 5 Rolls  $48.00 Each

Bronze - 2 Rolls  $48.00 Each




TRA-13-0208 EP.jpg

TRA 26 1048EP  Up to six 8' Lamps

24 In Stock  $50.00 Each






Transco T 612PT  $65.00 Each  (12 in stock)

Transco T 512PT  $55.00 Each  (8 in stock)

Transco T 312PT  $55.00 Each  (10 in stock)


Transco 7512 PBG  $65.00 Each  (12 in stock)

Transco 612 PBG  $65.00 Each  (8 in stock)

Transco 512 PBG  $55.00 Each  (12 in stock)

Transco 312 PBG  $55.00 Each  (8 in stock)


Transco S 7512 PBG  $65.00 Each  (8 in stock)

Transco S 512 PBG  $55.00 Each  (8 in stock)

Transco S 312 PBG  $55.00 Each  (8 in stock)







15MM ECS 7-15 Black Boots (200 in Stock)  $45.00 Bag of 100

15MM ECDB 7-15 White Caps(200 in Stock)  $45.00 Bag of 100

13MM ECS 7-13 White Boots (500 in Stock)  $45.00 Bag of 100



8 SERIES (14 & 18 AWG)

15MM ECS 8-15 Black Boots (500 in Stock)  $45.00 Bag of 100

15MM ECS 8-15 White Boots (400 in Stock)  $45.00 Bag of 100

13MM ECDB 8-13 Black Caps (200 in Stock)  $45.00 Bag of 100

13MM ECS 8-13 Black Boots (1400 in Stock)  $45.00 Bag of 100

13MM ECDB 8-13 White Caps (100 in Stock)  $45.00 Bag of 100

13MM ECS 8-13 White Boots (400 in Stock)  $45.00 Bag of 100




Novaglo Electrode Boxes.JPG



13mm Tubeulated 1360 Electrodes  $42.00 per Box of 100

13mm Non-Tubeulated 1360 Electrodes  $42.00 per Box of 100


12mm RATING :25-50MA   LENGTH 65MM

12mm Tubeulated 1260 Electrodes  $42.00 per Box of 100

12mm Tubeulated 1260 Electrodes  $42.00 per Box of 100






Tombstone Spring  $1.25 Each (50+ Free Shipping)

Tombstone Stationary  $1.17 Each (50+ Free Shipping)


Snap-In Socket Spring  $1.09 Each (50+ Free Shipping)

Snap-In Socket Stationary $1.03 Each (50+ Free Shipping)






You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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    • yes, very weird, that she would decide to steal money, doesn't look like her. She still hasn't respond to any of our emails, phone calls, text messages, she still hiding.  (after we purchased 2 new trucks from her previously and was always very good with emails and calls.)   I had to Open a ticket with the Best Business Bureau BBB, and they reached out to her, and she finally responded and she sent them a highlighted contract we signed and she had a clause that if we canceled the purchasing of the truck we would forfeiture our deposit, but what sucks is that we canceled because Elliott couldn't deliver and was already more than 6 months behind schedule and still couldn't commit to a delivery, and instead they kept raising our price so cover material increases.    When Elliot came up with this, we  sent her an email and she agreed to canceling the contract and returning our deposit, we have an email where she promised to send the check back to us,  she was upset with Elliott and understood the situation, I had to fly someone to Elliott Warehouse and pick up the chassis, we had to drive 30 hours to drop off that chassis to ALTEC, and then flew the driver back to NJ, and all of that was at our expense, the truck with Altec Cost us $220,000.00 and we agreed to that because they promised to deliver when we needed, so we bite the bullet.    I don't understand why would she steal our deposit!! we had purchased trucks from her before, we always paid, we need more trucks in the future.  She didn't incur any expense, all she did, was to place an order from Elliott that never happened, and according to Elliott they didn't get any deposit payment, and they didn't bill her for anything, since they didn't get to do anything regarding this order.      signed CAD Signs contract highlighted.pdf Email.pdf
    • I'll get word out.  This is terrible, keep us updated.  
    • Thanks, should be working now
    • "What's New" isn't working.    I got the following message.   This page isn’t working www.thesignsyndicate.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500
    • SDNS is a subsidiary company of SDS, Inc. A dynamic, international manufacturing company with offices in Seoul, South Korea, Irvine, CA and Boulder, CO. SDNS provides equipment sales, parts, service and technical support to our electric sign and steel rule diemaking customers throughout North America. We are seeking a field service technician to perform machine installations and provide on-site service repairs and remote technical support to our customers throughout North America. Comprehensive, training on our equipment will be provided. Frequent travel of up to 75% is required, occasionally on weekends. This is a great opportunity to accumulate airline miles and hotel points to pay for vacation getaways! Responsibilities: Read and understand technical manuals Customer-site installation and training on new equipment Customer-site troubleshooting, repairs, training, and service on existing equipment Remote Team Viewer and telephone support, diagnostics and training Test parts and devices When not supporting customers directly job requirements consist of, but are not limited to the following: Engage in providing tech support to SDNS customers from 8am-5pm M-F Actively engage and participate in the development training and technical support documentation, training videos, demonstration videos, tutorials, etc. Perform Local service visits or installations Any other activities not specified above as directed by management to help support SDNS, Inc. and/or its customers Qualifications: Professionalism Detailed, organized, and self-guided work ethic Solid mechanical, electrical, hydraulic skills Computer/technology literate Ability to communicate effectively with people from differing backgrounds Willingness to work hours associated with the manufacturing industry Knowledge of and ability to use industry tools/equipment Clean driving record and valid driver’s license Have, or be able to obtain, a valid passport Able to lift up to 75 pounds Ability to stand for long periods of time Safety Requirements: At office and customer site, follow all safety requirements, procedures and protocols. Benefits: 401K, Dental, Medical, Vision   Compensation: $55,000 to $75,000 per year   Thorton Application:  https://www.ziprecruiter.com/job/37284dbb Foothill Ranch Application:  https://www.ziprecruiter.com/job/6bd88264      
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