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Erik Sine

Sign Syndicate LED Power Horse Coming Soon!

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Coming Soon


9 Watt Beast

175 degree 

Constant Current

24 Volts

5 Year Warranty


All I can say right now is WOW!! 


As most of the regulars that visit The Sign Syndicate know....we don't sell much on the the site here, we only bring "High-End" Electric Sign Components on board because it's our belief that ALL Custom Electric Sign Shops should be warrantying their products for 5 years from any kind of outages or failure.  Otherwise if you don't have the confidence to do so, maybe you're using inferior components.  This is not to say special circumstances depending on climate or conditions make that impossible.  But in most cases, this industry needs to step up and guarantee the Consumer. 


So here is another to cater to our High-End Clientele


Not many Sign Cabinet LED Products that are both 24v along are also Constant Current Driven, NOT Constant Current like most LEDs that are in this industry.


Check out the size of this sucker!!!




The Smaller Sister Product at 3 Watts, 24v and of course Constant Current NOT Constant Voltage




The Size of this thing!!!




As with most quality prisms (not use of frosted lens for a cheap wide angle) the more of an angle you look at the lens the bright it gets






Alright the Numbers


659-651 Foot Candle Sign Face surface light measurement.  That is FReAKISH!!! 


In our Great White Hope test comparison a 7.5" x 4' Width channel, double stroke EGL DL65 15mm Neon Lamp measured out to 393.5 Foot Candles on the surface.  In this one foot channel we know for sure these modules will and can be stretched out much further than 1' apart, and you'll be able to get some much wider rows with TRUE competitive light NOT "Usable Light".  We'll have to throw in and test some T12's and T8's to get a taste





A Single 13mm Tri-Phosphor Neon lamp which already is bright as hell initially came in at 355 Foot Candles in our Great White Hope II Test.  This smaller sister is coming in at 343 FC at what will look to be 3 watts per foot



So far we're VERY excited for what's to come!!!


Stay Tune!!!!



You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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Just to give everyone an update and will be making a separate post soon.  


Our own new LED line is just about done and it's going to KICK ass!  This process has taken a few different turns for the better, and I believe everything happens for a reason, and this is one of those results


From all the testing (Great White Hope, Project Tighty Whitey, etc) we've been doing here on the SS, learning what works, what doesn't, along with finding out the needs of the US Market and Custom Sign Shops we've nailed it!  Most LED lines don't address those needs.  I wish I can say more but I can't until it comes out.  


We've carried NC LED and they've configured to our needs for the US Market, and we will continue to do carry them...they aren't going anywhere.


For now, all I can say is our new Syndicate LED line will be Bright, extremely wide angle light spread, will have a superior Bin of 6500K White.  


Most importantly a few things....will operate HUGELY under driven, which means LONGER LIFE.


It fills a HUGE void that most sign shops complain about what most LED product lines cannot do (BIG Point)


Yes....it is Constant Current NOT Constant Voltage



Soon to be out, a High-End LED Module line for Channel Letters, Cabinets, and General Lighting use, at the cost of most commonly used LEDs that are Mediocre.


An LED Line for the Electric Sign Industry by those IN the Electric Sign Industry





You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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