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The Bulb Eater - Fluorescent Lamp Crusher For Sale

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The Bulb Eater®

Quick Facts

·  Crushes straight lamps of any length

·  Crushes u-tube lamps (model VRS-U only)

·  Crushes a 4-foot fluorescent lamp in 1 second

·  Reduce labor by up to 20 hours per 1,000 lamps

·  Save up to 50% on recycling costs

·  Minimize storage space by up to 80% with lamp crusher

·  The most fun you can have disposing of lamps!

Did You Know?

·  Awarded "Top 100 Product" by Buildings Magazine

·  Named Reader’s Choice “Product of the Year” by Today's Facility Manager Magazine See all awards »

·  Seen on the cover of The Wall Street Journal

·  Currently nearly 8,000 Bulb Eaters in use worldwide

·  New CFL Crushing Model now available! Call for more

Bulb Eater.jpg

2020-06-26 07.57.05.jpg

2020-06-26 07.56.53.jpg


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    • By lights12
      ABSOLUTE SIGN is seeking an experienced sign and lighting technician. Qualified candidates must be knowledgeable in servicing, neon, parking lot lights, LED, fluorescent, diagnosing electrical issues. Electrical sign installation experience a plus. Must be a self-starter and motivated. Must have a California Driver's License. Must have the ability to perform well under pressure. Minimum of 3 years experience in the field. Competitive compensation. Fax your resume to 562-592-6198 or call the office. 562-592-5838. Can start immediately.
    • By Erik Sine

      A Transco To Go Lamp Tester perfect for use on the field during service calls, or in the shop to test your lamps before installation.

      The Features:

      • Tests Neon (Cold Cathode) Tubes

      • Tests Fluorescent (Hot Cathode) Lamps

      • Tests Mercury, Metal Halide & Sodium Vapor Lamps

      • Telescopic Aerial For Extended Reach

      • Continuity Test & Test Leads

      • Battery Powered

      Lamp Tester Spec Sheet Below For Download:

      TRANSCO Tester File.pdf

      You can now buy this product direct from our online shopping cart by clicking this LINK

      Feel free to contact us to receive a full product & price list , or to order this product - (858) 880-1400 or orders@thesignsyndicate.com

    • By Erik Sine
      So I came across this over the weekend on Sloan LED's Sign Box II and thought I'd post here for anyone interested to kick it around on their spare time. I didn't even have to do much on this one myself but one thing I did see on the Fluorescent side of things is a lot of fumbling around for something that is pretty simple with the simplest kind of knockdown raceway that anyone can just about pick up from their local hardware stores these days. I thought I would finish, or tell the rest of the story not mentioned, and that's what our expected cost would be using one over the other to save in time and what our customer will expect to pay for it.
      The Time Elapsed Video

      The final product with time

      Let's break this down on cost, and cost of operation and take a look at what we just saw and how it relates to our cost, what we will have to sell it for, and what the consumer will have to pay for. Let's just call this a 6' x 5' double sided cabinet.
      LIGHT SOURCES (30')
      5) 6' Fluorescent T12 800ma Lamps - $6.04 each x 5 = $30.20
      5) 6' Fluorescent T8 800ma Lamps - $22.00 each x 5 = $110.00 (Long Life Lamps)
      SignBoxII 20' Roll @ $390.54 each x 2 = $781.08
      10' left over, or waste ($195.27)
      10) HO Sockets $1.35 each x 10 = $13.50
      Sloan LED's SignBox II LED
      Bag of 16 SignBox Clamps = $21.84
      Brackets $7.62 each x 10 = $76.20
      1) HO Ballast (48' Load) = $62.95
      2) Sloan LED Power Supplies $54.05 each x 2 = $108.10
      8 Hours a day, 365 days a year. Annual cost of operation.
      T12 10.7 watts per foot x 30' = 321 watts
      321 watts x 8hours x 365 days x $.12kwh / 1050 power correction = $107.12 annual cost of operation for 8 hours a day
      T8 8.37 watts per foot x 30' = 251.25 watts
      251.25 watts x 8hours x 365 days x $.12kwh / 1050 power correction = $83.84 annual cost of operation for 8 hours a day
      Sloan LED's SignBox II 6 modules per foot @ .9 watts = 5.4 watts/foot x 30 = 162 watts
      162 watts x 8hours x 365 days x $.12kwh / 1050 power correction = $54.06 annual cost of operation for 8 hours a day
      T12 = $106.65
      T8 = $186.45
      Sloan LED's SignBox II = $987.22
      Sloan LED's SignBox II vs T12 49% or $53.06 savings using SignBox in annual cost of operation
      Sloan LED's SignBox II vs T8 35% or $29.78 savings using SignBox in annual cost of operation
      T12 vs Sloan LED's SignBox II = $880.57 89% Saving using a T12 system vs Sloan LED's SignBox II
      T8 vs Sloan LED's SignBox II = $800.77 81% Saving using a T12 system vs Sloan LED's SignBox II
      T12 $880.57 Material Cost Saving / $54.06 Cost of Operation = 16.28 Years
      T8 $800.77 Material Cost Saving / $29.78 Cost of Operation = 29.55 Years
      26 minutes 34 seconds 1 man labor at Journeyman = $33.00 per hour / 2 1/2 hour = $16.50 saving in labor using SignBoxII
      Now for the question to all of you. How much would you sell that 6'x5' (30sq') double sided cabinet for with simple faces (White with black lettering) as a Fluorescent and as a Sloan LED's SignBox II System fabrication & installation?
      What will your profit margin be?
      As a sign shop are we making money paying for and using a higher cost system? In the amount of time it takes to fabricate a complete sign cabinet are we loosing out on money keeping it conventional which has the lower cost and more proprietary (custom)?
      Now slightly away from this subject an in another subject to think about.
      What's to keep our trade to becoming as a commodity where the consumer can just go to HomeDepot and put their own LED system in where they just peel and stick?
      Now a day even schools have wide format printers, so vinyl and printing aren't really apart of the sign trade anymore. The only thing that's left IMO is sign painting, conventional back-lighting and Neon.
      When it comes to a mom & pop store sign just about anyone now a day can keep up a sheet of plex, anyone can print film, and just about anyone can pick up LEDs from a lighting store. What will keep our industry as a trade and be turned into a commodity which is the direction being pushed by those outside of our trade ? Large sign programs? Are we killing our own trade by not building unique and proprietary signs that does save money for us and the consumer?
      just some thoughts I'd throw out there since so many light source manufacturers are trying to dictate to the sign shop labor and cost and what they should be charging for retrofits like Ventex markets
      Are we soon to be just the middleman, the means for manufacturers to sell their products
    • By Erik Sine

      For a short limited time and only with a limited number, we're offering a promotional sale of Tombstone and Button style Fluorescent High Output (HO) Lamp Connectors which include FREE SHIPPING (US ONLY).

      Tombstone HO Connectors (Spring) $1.35 Each, in boxes of 50 + FREE SHIPPING
      Tombstone HO Connectors (Stationary) $1.28 Each, in boxes of 50 + FREE SHIPPING

      Button HO Connectors (Spring) $1.12 Each, in boxes of 50 + FREE SHIPPING
      Button HO Connectors (Stationary) $1.04 Each, in boxes of 50 + FREE SHIPPING

      To place an order you can buy direct from our cart LINK For inquires or orders you can call us at (858) 880-1400 or email us at orders@thesignsyndicate.com
    • By Erik Sine
      Right now for the Christmas Season we're having a special on Transco To Go Fluorescent HO Lamp socket with FREE SHIPPING!!!

      • 730-1 Spring snap in button sockets $1.12 each (pack of 50) + FREE SHIPPING
      • 730-2 Stationary snap in button sockets $1.04 each (pack of 50) + FREE SHIPPING
      • 782 Spring snap in tombstone sockets $1.35 each (pack of 50) + FREE SHIPPING
      • 783 Stationary snap in tombstone sockets $1.28 each (pack of 50) + FREE SHIPPING
      Visit our online shopping cart
      You can also contact us by phone at (858) 880-1400 or by email orders@thesignsyndicate.com
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