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  1. I would second Miratec. Have used them for years. They apply a UV laminate to help prevent fading. Very good at what they do. Talk to Todd Johnson.
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  2. Years ago, I saw a tool advertised that would slip between the socket, and the lamp base. Then you could pry up, to remove a tube was slightly too long, because of a sagging lamp track. Anyone remember this, or where I might find one? I have been having a lot of lamps this way lately, and I want a faster, safer way, than how I have to do it now. Or should I just take a prybar, and grind it into what I want. Probably cheaper, but I like rewarding those who actually do make things like this. TIA
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  3. My Grandfather was John Kutz Sr. His company was Jet-lite. I’ve been searching local neon shops for any jet-lites. My uncles hooked me up with one, that said I’d be interested in finding more if they are still around.
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  4. I also strongly suggest Miratec. Very helpful and they produce great products.
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  5. Geoff (Jeff) George (geoffreyg@sharpline.com) has capabilities of both laminated vinyl's and printed w/overlam that has a 6-8 year warranty and many have been in the field for over 12 years. They can do up to 300 foot lengths.
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  6. https://miratecsystems.com/ or https://z3graphics.com/
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  8. Very nice Keep up the great work
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  9. Love the #300 housings. With the open backs you don't get the accumulation of dead bugs, debris and water. Just used them in the restoration of this 22 year old sign. Hard to find but Erik seems to always have them and at a good price.
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  10. Great job E! I have yet to take the plunge into any sign trade organization. I have my personal reasons, no need to go into those details. We're still building plenty of evil neon, and fluorescent signs here at ALLTEX! We're actually re-branding a chain restaurant group, with exposed neon building signs. Triple, and double stroke letters, and border accents. We'll also be building an amazing neon sign project (2,500' border), plus the largest neon building sign, and pylon sign I've ever been associated with. ( In my 26 years in the sign biz. ) This is for a different customer. You will actually be able to drive under this sign. I designed it as a feature piece. The city actually signed off on it. This location will also have 10' tall neon channel letters mounted above the building. We're all really pumped about this job/opportunity. It's a real blessing to have loyal customers, who have vision, and trust in the, "old school" technology.
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