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  1. 3 points
    We do a lot of work for casinos and large construction managers. We ALWAYS have to sign some kind of waiver BEFORE payment (usually a matter of a day or 2 before) BUT they all say "upon payment" IF it doesn't say something like that do not sign unless you #1 know the payer very well and totally trust them to pay you or #2 don't care if you get paid or not. If it's a national sign company don't sign it until you see the $
  2. 2 points
    Sign Suppliers selling to anyone for that extra dollar. I know it well. I can not blame anyone for trying to make more money or extra money on the side. We all have done it. When a supplier goes into business selling to the trades, that is his profession and that is what he is building his business on If the Supplier wants to sell to the public and or manufacture themselves and sell directly. Let them. You can do the same. Buy Direct. Buy someplace else. Knock them out of the picture. Make them hurt. I did it several times with a supplier. I stopped ordering from them. Sometimes I paid less, Sometimes I paid more. But that supplier lost everything from me. That was a big hit to them and they felt it immediately. New Suppliers want your business and want their competitors out of business also. The suppliers came back to me and with better pricing and service. They also changed their policies. Get a few shops together on this and watch the impact you will make.
  3. 2 points
    I have always demanded deposits and Balances under my terms for many years No one works for free, Not the Nationals, Not the Maintenance Companies and Not me. If they want to pay in 30 or 45 days, perfect with me. Tell them to send you the payment on their Credit Card. THEY can then pay their Credit Card Company in 30 0r 45 days or whenever Everyones happy I have NO Collections open
  4. 2 points
    Erik; You are way too tough to let this COVID keep you down. If you can monitor sign people, like those on this board, this virus ain't got nothing on you. Take care of yourself, Josey Wales......... Tell K Girl thanks for being on the front lines fighting for us all with the rest of those doing the same. I, like you, am at a standstill and don't anticipate not being in this state for a while. But our collective health is the most important thing in this time of crisis. We will get back to economics as normal because that is what we Americans do. We fight and Prevail. Also, take the time to extend kindness to someone else who needs it like we all do. As Tom Bon Jovi said; "If you can't do what you do, do what you can". Godspeed to all on the board Peace out
  5. 2 points
    So sorry you are having to close for so long. Hopefully when you are able to open back up things will be booming again! We have had the best 3 years of our business and then this had to happen. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
  6. 1 point
    Electronic Transformer used inside the sign cabinet shorted and caught fire. Glass melts at 1,000 degrees and the neon glass in the sign is melted into a new shape. Think of the damages if this was inside the building, thru the wall, or just an interior neon sign on a wall. The electrical breaker never tripped, So we will blame it on the electrician
  7. 1 point
    Cool plotter Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. 1 point
    welcome to the new millennium erik!
  9. 1 point
    Hi this is TJ with SignComp Brian - Sorry to hear of the puckering with your flex face replacement. Our Customer Service is available from 8am to 5pm EST at 877-784-0405 and we are here to assist if you need it. We sell a few flex face systems globally and I can assure you the plastic clips are the most popular as they allow precision tensioning that a wedgeclamp can not and with regards to size they are used on more supergraphics than any other system. Full bleed will always be more a bit more difficult than a framed application as a frame or a cover can hide some edge imperfections, however it is completely doable. The full bleed is by far the most popular from an aesthetic choice which is why you see it more often. I agree with some of the other comments.......1 click all the way around first to make sure all is square and started correctly by pushing any puckers by hand out towards the corners........and then around again, however never over tension. If your puckers are right at the final inches of the corners, we have found a technique where you do not cut the extra flex face corner away, but instead you twist the flex face with a pair of pliers and then push it into the frames corner with the butt end of the tension tool. This action helps pull-out those puckers right into the corner. Note: this corner puckering can happen on any bleed frame system as any mitered corner bleed frame doesn't allow clips all the way to into the corner. Here is a photo album link showing the twisting with pliers https://photos.app.goo.gl/wA55pTn43REdSK0k2 I hope this helps and again, please call us for assistance. PS........thank you to Rocco and Spectrum Maine for supporting the SignComp tensioning system!! TJ
  10. 1 point
    It's no shot at me, no worries. I'm semi -retired on sign production. I only have a handful of clients that refuse to go elsewhere. Also, it's only in my local market. Our Electric Sign Supply sales don't amount to much here locally because our market is all based on lowest price NOT quality....it's a shame really The upside to the few items I distribute is that I know what I'm talking about unlike the distributor/sign supply rep most talk too on product information or questions. I give customers and sign shops my first hand knowledge on use and testing and won't read them info from the product "Faq" page, or rely on info from some manufacturer rep if a product is going to "last" Staying somewhat active in sign production/installation also keeps me up to speed with the Electric Sign Industry trends and active demand as well as codes, unlike a sign supply rep who was selling cars one week to selling sign components...or a sign supply rep who has been around for years but yet never produced or installed a sign. The Sign Syndicate Members and Customers worries, are also my worries...it's always been that way I only distribute products I have tested, used, and or created ourselves like our new BrightON LEDs which has been taking the best characteristics of LED modules from all our testing over the years and putting it all into one product line. I'm not looking to be the next big sign supplier, far form that. I just want to sell high-end components to shops looking to produce high-end signs that last...and work efficiently. But I feel you on the COVID shut down, how it's making for desperate times. People loosing their jobs, working minimal hours, schools shit down and requiring zoom only and requiring parents to stay home and not work if that is possible. Making people get into areas they might not normally dap into I could write a long thread with all the BS Kirstie is dealing with at the hospital and how the medical community is widening/broadening COVID symptoms to count more people all to get paid more by MEDiCAL, and to politically keep the number positive cases higher. In my state, with what they're doing...we will never open up. It's not testing more to get a higher number of +'s....it's broadening and changing what can lead to + symptoms... Sorry for taking a medical tangent on your thread....it just pisses me off
  11. 1 point
    So far our shop is unharmed and we are still trying to hold it together and keep doing what we do. That said how is everyone else doing? Less that 10 miles away 4 police were shot. 1 POS looter was killed after a police chase and gun battle. A black man who was a employee of a pawn shop was killed at work by looters. Between excessive regulation and taxes, Covid shutdowns and now this. Now more that ever I feel that I am fighting forces out of my control. Despite what is going on we have just had a great month and I am so proud of our employees and customers as well as our customers which are also moving forward. Stay safe brother and sister sign friends !
  12. 1 point
    We came through the recession, and although we had used all our cash resources and had finally seen our staff dwindle and had to stop providing most of our extremely generous benefits, we felt hopeful. Sadly, some of this hope was because many competitors who had badly underbid us to the point where they could not actually provide what was required to complete their contracts, went out of business. We were still standing although badly battered. Now, we hope to also survive, but again, it is sad to hear that some of our possible success in doing so will because we will have less competition. Competition always drives us to do better so we aren't happy to see good competitors close their doors forever. Because of other issues (mostly the IPad scandal at LAUSD), we have never been able to really rebuild since the recession, and have had to downsize to just a sliver of our former selves. That may serve to be a benefit now. We are down to a very small staff, used to making do, squeezed into a smaller space, nursing older equipment along and every member of our small team absolutely stellar. There is no "dead wood," no slack offs on our staff. Maybe that will save us. At 84, I wasn't really working up to my usual speed, but this has strangely energized me, and I am working as hard as I did in my "young years" of just 10 years ago, putting in long days. Yes, we do want to open up again, but we want everyone to be safe, and frankly, we don't expect a rush of business. This is going to be slow, slow, slow, and maybe 30 hours will become the new "full time" rather than just legal "full time equivalent." And maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing. Maybe more time at home with our families, tending "victory gardens," taking walks, playing board games, zoom meetings with far flung relatives and friends, cooking favorite comfort foods "from scratch," taking personal part in our kid's education a bit more, even if they are back in class, and yes, making beer, would lead to a happier nation, overall.
  13. 1 point
    U P S means................ Under Pylon Sign Same Day, Next Day Any Day Service That's real drive thru service.
  14. 1 point
    I second that Snoochie! Erik, please tell K Girl that we are so proud of her and thank her for giving so selflessly even when it puts her own family at risk. That cannot be easy!
  15. 1 point
    If I'm reading you right, for the Black faces on a white background I would go with white returns. Make it two-tone
  16. 1 point
    I have to laugh at UL Right now. I just received that long boring..."our company is doing this to ensure yadda yadda..." on the Virus. With links to click on to ensure you're using "UL approved Medical supplies" Can they not be anymore retarded than they already are during these times, people are having to 3D print their face masks right now
  17. 1 point
    Eric; To be honest, I am not sure who or what contractors are "Essential" at this time other than those working for companies deemed "Essential". Since I work for food chains and oil companies and they are deemed "Essential", that apparently sets my status. I would guess if you work for oil, banking, food or stores such as CVS, Walgreens, Walmart or the like, you would be considered "Essential". Bottom line, who knows but I know I still perform what small level of work is being given out and I have not been arrested for being on the street in my service truck. Hopefully this tragic Virus will be dealt with rapidly and we all can get back to normal. My main concern is for the people of our country and the world. I don't want to see any more devastation or death. This is a time for all of us to come together as one and as Senator Lindsey Graham said "Kick its Ass" referring to Covid-19. Stay safe & strong...........
  18. 1 point
    Some time back the city of Philadelphia decided that just using caution tape was no longer acceptable for keeping the public out of your work zone. I had to agree because of the number of times people would just deliberately lift up the tape, show you a particular finger and walk under it. After painstaking research and untold nickles in R&D costs, our team came up with the following system. It's really high tech (well...), quite portable (if a bit heavy) and certainly keeps them out from under your lifting zone. I give you the Bucketenator 5000!!! (pat pending) Simply set your Bucketenator 5000 in place (multiple units will be needed) and staple orange construction netting to it, and voila instant barrier. Please note the aerodynamic styling, integrated carrying device and recyclable support post. The Bucketenator 5000 was the hit of the 2019 Philadelphia Junk Yard Exhibition, earning the coveted Broken Manhole Cover award. Pending OSAH certification, there will be available to you for the low low price of $699.99 each with Free Shipping, allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. I'm sharing this initial IPO (Immature product obviously) exclusively with the members of The Sign Syndicate. You, yes you, can the the first sign shop in your area to protect the public with this innovative system. Available in a variety of colors to fit any decor or job site. Void where prohibited by law.
  19. 1 point
    Our phone is literally not ringing AT ALL other than the PMs checking on the jobs we already had. We are so far behind because of all of the rain that the guys work daily on the back log of stuff on the days it isn't pouring buckets outside. I have never seen so much rain in all of my put togethers - Now the coronavirus to add to it. I am praying that thing moves out of here with as little damage as possible and our lives can get back to "normal". Hope all of you are well and remain that way!! We shall survive this!! How long that takes is left up to us. We have to all do our part and do as we have been asked so it doesn't continue to spread. Stay safe everybody!
  20. 1 point
    Just trying to lighten the mood a bit. I saw this truck in a local H.D. parking lot a few weeks back. While I do admit that the design sticks in your head, IDK if it really gives great advertising value. Plus I suspect that the "artist" might have been a bit on the high side when this was done.
  21. 1 point
    I am a self-employed Architectural & Electrical Sign designer that telecommutes from home, coffee shops and libraries. I use a "mobile office" A.K.A a laptop compute to do all of my work. For now, I am restricting myself to just working from home, as the library and the coffee shops are closed As long as the internet is running, I can do my work from my end. However, my clients in California are now under orders form the state government that their brick and mortar manufacturing facilities and offices are closed as of today. I can work as usual by sending and receiving information via email, but since there is no accounting, it is doubtful that I will be getting payment on open invoices. This really hurts me financially as I had a three month drought in work this past winter. Cie La vie.....Just thankful to be virus-free and safe at home. So... I took some creative time for some COVID-19 levity by designing this decal suitable for laptop computers. etc. It has a western "Cowboys and Indians" theme, with native American warriors replaced with COVID-19 viruses LOL: Matthew Ota Architectural & Electrical Sign Designer https://matthewotasignportfolio.wordpress.com/
  22. 1 point
    I do too think this is an engineered virus, meant to bring this country to it's knees. And for a very specific reason that I won't get into on here because I will lose my S**t. I am not afraid of the virus. I am afraid for what's it doing to our lives as free (for now anyway) Americans
  23. 1 point
    In Washington State the employment security dept has a thing called Shared work - if the employer will continue to pay benefits (we pay medical/dental) and sign up for the Shared work project, the employees can file for unemployment without having to look for work, they just report what hours they did work and EmpSec will pay the balance to make up 40 hours. They pay about 75% of the employees pay but it's better than nothing. We've had several larger jobs put on hold and our phones and email has slowed considerably. The feeling in our shop is that the gov will shut everyone down next week. We are a small shop and have no issues with "social distancing" (see our facebook page) here at work. So far no one here has it, but since it's a sneaky virus you just don't know if you have it until you actually get ill. And yes, I do believe it is an engineered virus, fortunately not Stephen King's SuperFlu level but dangerous none the less. Stay well and be safe!
  24. 1 point
    Another good book (out of print so you will have to search for a copy) is Sign Structures and Foundations "A guide for designers and estimators". it was a Signs of the Times book and the author is Peter B Horsley. The copyright date on mine is from 1984. I did a quick google and there are some copies out there. It's a great book to help you to get basic footing, wind load, etc. calculations using basic math - no calculus required. Way back when we road dinosaurs to work, I made a spreadsheet using it and have been using that to get me pretty darn close for freestanding signs for many moons. Of course no engineer I've ever asked about my spreadsheet will even respond. After all, I don't have that piece of paper and so can't possibly be able to do math. 😉 It also goes into lighting design but of course doesn't have any info on LED's.
  25. 1 point
    We have had a many books in our Industry over the years. Some good Engineering to Gallery Books. What we have been lacking are some good "Technical" Sign Design Books Sign Design Books.com is by far one of the most unique books in our Industry. They have been more in the underground but I've known about them for sometime. No book by any means is perfect, BUT...as a Business Owners stand point, this book series I would make every employee read. From the installer, fabricator and sales force. Once someone is hired, these books are handed to them. It's a very well rounded book series that is updated regularity.... I would go so far as to say it's manual of "why" for our industry. I would like SDB to write test material to go along with this series for mere employment reasons. The other Books which I don't have hard copies of are How to Draw Attachment Details and their NEWEST How to Write Sign Specifications No matter what your position is in our Grand Trade / Industry, the more well rounded and knowledgeable you are, the more valuable you are. The same goes for our employees. We have a lot of installers, fabricators, and sales that DON'T understand what the other departments are doing and "WHY". WHY Sign Design is SO much different than Graphic Design. This series will break away the bad habits of the Graphic Designer and bring them closer to Sign Design. These Books build strong bridges between departments,. For your beginner Sign Designer staff, this book is an even BIGGER plus for them to start reading before company training even starts, they'll have a big head start that may make training even that much easier Go Visit them http://signbusinessbooks.com/ Tell'em "Large Marge Sent Ya"
  26. 1 point
    What do you think... I think we owe Erik an Appreciation Day for being a truth warrior all these years and standing up for the rights of sign people everywhere. Let's be honest it's not an easy task taking on that responsibility, taking the fiery arrows and taking the risk. He is speaking the truth and freeing us from the propaganda of the entrenched corrupt self serving corporate interests that continue to try to dominate us and take over the sign industry and other industries. When we speak the truth we are freeing one mind at a time. Thank you Erik! You are a truth Warrior and True American and are bringing freedom and light in the darkness. Below are a few truth quotes I found that seem appropriate. It would be great to here from other sign syndicate members and see others thoughts on truth and how we can show appreciation for Eric the Truth Warrior! In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. “It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.” ― Mark Twain The farther a society gets away from the truth the more they hate those who speak it. Truth Warrior - figuring out what is true and then standing up for it
  27. 1 point
    I am on board with everything you have stated. sometimes what is obvious to some, is oblivious to most... We are UL shop and what a crock! what a hassle! what are we supposed to do about this only part that doesn't have a "recognized" e number that has worked for us the previous 30 years but - it don't have an e #.... 😫
  28. 1 point
    Eric Good Day! I think we all play a part in getting the truth out but you had the idea, determination and perseverance to see it through. So kudos and bravo to you. So to commemorate the Sign Syndicate Community Effort to Stay on top of the truth here is an idea you might add as one of your product offerings.... or some other meme in the same direction. See attached photo. It might catch on...
  29. 1 point
    He does an awesome job. Too bad he wasn't around Many years ago! He'd have been a huge help in the Ina years, and the pre- ground fault days.
  30. 1 point
    A conditional release should have some kind of wording like Upon receipt of payment in full, and upon said payment clearing the bank upon which it is drawn, the undersigned hereby agrees to waive and release any right to a mechanics lien, stop notice, or any right against a labor and material bond on the job. This covers you against their check bouncing - release is only effective after the check clears the bank.
  31. 1 point
    What a great post Alan! Have to admit we don't chime in much but read the discussions here like it's our sign bible. Erik truly does have a big huge Neon target on his back. Where else would we get the facts and opinions on everything from sign magazines, associations and all other sign politics? Just read the recent post on UL. All other avenues drive on a narrow road and don't want to lose out by driving anywhere else but in middle of the road. Erik pretty much says what we are all thinking. Or put better, what needs to be said. We have told him at times when he stops in but not all times. He and the Sign Syndicate do have their big fans from the large Nationals that ask for the world, need it tomorrow but suck at paying. We mention that we check company reviews here and maybe like a lot of others we get that long pause on the other line. We get the excuse of info is from non credible sources to misinformation on those reviews. Friends we talk to love this site and we have always encouraged others to visit. Sales reps come in with their pitches and hard sales especially with leds ( gawd I don't know what it is about led reps) and see we use NC, and the new Brighton leds because of what we have learned here they almost choke or pause. From the testing here on the Sign Syndicate we too built simulated signs and cabinets and just let them run and throw in strings reps wander in here with and the comments they make when they fall short in areas. When they're beat in light spread, brightness of the sign face and price some get venomous and shady. Dang, led reps are undoubtedly something else Cheers Eric, keep up the good fight!
  32. 1 point
    Never give a lien waiver - you can do a conditional waiver that says you won't lien a job as long as you get paid, then an unconditional waiver when you are paid. Tell companies who insist on unconditional waivers before payment that it's extortion and completely unethical.
  33. 1 point
  34. 1 point
    Oh boy, trouble came back
  35. 1 point
    Maybe I should have titled it "That BrightON Halo Illumination" Thought I would share a project where our new High-End 24 volt, .8watt BrightON II LED Modules were used. As I've discussed before in the past. There is a difference and a gap between "Usable Light" and "Competitive Light". The BrightON II is the most efficient (Light per power) LED Module in it's class, and it is the definition of Competitive Light. As explained here and suggested for spacing, it was chosen to use the 3" module spacer, and obviously you'll see as you scroll down the spacing could have even been much farther apart. Using the 3" spacers or 5" on center module to module spacing of the .8 watt will give you that extra punch for Halo and Day / Night faces, and you're looking at only $2 a foot buying a single bag of modules. Important note is what you're getting for that $2 a foot. Very easily module to module spacing could have been 7" OC, and a $1.45 a foot. The Grand Result? No over exposure here to make the lighting more extreme than "IRL"...in real life. because I have another picture to share here of a neighboring sign that is made up of your standard front illuminated channel letters. This is the very visual explanation of "Competitive Light". The BrightON II Modules will give sign shops more versatility with their lighting projects, eliminating a 3 diode module & eliminating stocking more various modules with just simple spacing making the BrightON II a more universal product in your shop. The reason? Because the BrightON II meets or exceeds the Performance of most 3 diode LED Modules on the market on Maximum Efficiency of 24V. Also, the long module to module wire leads. Could you just imagine for a second the BrightON II LED modules in the neighboring Coffee Sign at the maximum stretched module to module spacing of 7.625" or 1.57 ($1.33 a foot) modules per foot? I can! Something is being left out here and I have to discuss what completes this High-End system? That would be adding a France Lighting Solution LED Power supply of course In this case the 24V France Atlas with built in LED indicator light for proper function, bringing more Quality & Dependability to the project. The most important aspect of this job was the feedback from the client. They were VERY impressed with their sign when they drove by at night to see what their identity looked like. Their face will be your face. These are the types of results you will get with the BrightON II LED Modules. Finished jobs will sell themselves. Happy, impressed clients will sell, and market for you...provided you not only sold them a good product but good service as well. Come night, the mere visual can attract potential customers and a resume address can assure and close sales prospects, end results will be referral makers! FRANCE LED POWER SUPPLIES http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/store/category/22-led-power-supplies/
  36. 1 point
    Erik, I have worked with Keystone also, they are based here in Pennsylvania, good technical support too. So don’t write them off either.
  37. 1 point
    Corn cob up and down as the sockets were vertical. They had a tether on all of the lamps to keep them from rotating.
  38. 1 point
    We've had good luck so far with Keystone brand. We have them in several High rise pylons, the one that comes to mind first is a 125' with 12 - 400w LED 1000w MH equivalent. No problems yet and going on a year.
  39. 1 point
    This is a great article that discusses why discounting is not the right strategy for B2B sales. Sign-makers should definitely read our #MarketingMonday share: http://customerthink.com/discounting-is-a-sure-sign-of-sales-failure/ If you like content like this, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter and sign up for our monthly newsletter here. Matthew Davies Marketing Manager SDS Automation
  40. 1 point
    Are you wanting something to attach to Panel Boxes, Contactors, or a Switch? I have one of these devices on all of my trucks. I call them Apprentices. :)
  41. 1 point
    All I can say is WOW ! I guess they will not be celebrating 4th of July, or any other American Holidays anymore
  42. 1 point
    Sure, I'm on the wrong computer but I have some of Fallon Shanghai... This is an order for 3500 Miller Lite (Old Logo), we are waiting (too long) for Ventex transformers coming in from the states so all these are minus them - this was a typical month's production - we could do more but it was waiting for materials which always screwed with the schedule. All the masterpack boxes behind are with the power supplies. We only did pattern bending, no jigs or fixtures, with 25 benders. Each table had a QC girl who checked every bit of glass made by the benders by slotting them into a jig. We used all EGL glass and electrodes and when we ran out of clear I did source Chinese clear that was made for lamp manufacture (I kept this a secret that we're using Chinese glass lol). On a side line I wanted to do our own coating, its not rocket science once you have the right phosphor / binder and kiln. I've coated before in Australia ( tes I was there too! ol). Where people sourcing glass come undone - the glass formula needed to be for lamp manufacture and the tubes are acid washed and dried before packing. If you just buy any clear glass its ok for small units ~4 feet. Anything more than 5 feet you're pushing it and 7~8 feet fuhgeddaboudit! Yes it will pump and age ok, neon looks good bright red but then after about a day or two the electrodes cannot keep up with the outgassing and the tube fails. This is the pump I designed- 12 ports three bombarders (custom made with the secondary center tapped like a neon transformer for safety) at the far end was another pump. Each port could be isolated if there was a problem with a unit. We had three of these running continuously with two pumpers at each one. One was the operator while the other one tipped off units on one end and connected six more on the other end. So when one side was doing the final pumping down the other side was ready to go when the GTO was switched over. My original plans had a bombarder GTO switch so it was just a flick of a switch to do the other side. Our standard was the electrodes would be heated to a bright orange and we did a helium flush The neon aged for 4 hours with the Hg in the trap, any unit not dull was rejected. The ones that passed the first aging were aged for 7 more hours when the Hg was admitted. We had a lot of aging tables with three layers. We could switch between 30 and 60mA, usually it was 60mA for 8mm we would use 30mA. Aging neon with 30mA is too slow. Cheers... PS Don't get me talking about neon...I'll bend your ear off!
  43. 1 point
    = we have a service opportunity in your area that requires a 2 man bucket truck and a NTE of $250, and oh now we will pay you in 90+ or not at all
  44. 1 point
    OK...technically you can not reprocess the sign once its installed on the property or building. You can get into more trouble than the whole thing is worth. Here's my late dads solution....indicate that there is defective material on the sign and it may fail...Need to take back to the shop to work on it....Say you will have it back up asap....and when they call..say sorry its taking so long..we are working on it...and oh by the way...it must of slipped by...but did you know you have an overdue balance. We have done it a few times over the years and my dad did it to an attorneys wifes store...and he got paid!
  45. 1 point
    Big huge re-welcome back to MET Laboratories Want to get away from the out of control, over regulated, Tyrannical Underwriter Laboratories??? Then MET Laboratories is your less expensive alternative that can do the same for listing your electric signs according to OSHA. UL is no longer the only option. As many know who have been in our industry for some time knows UL has gotten waaaaaay to far out of control and lately has nothing better to do than make up new standards for component manufacturers to go by, useless change of standards that does nothing more than cost US/YOU money! Whether you are a custom sign shop or component manufacturer MET Laboratories can be your company that will make your products recognized equally to UL. For more information on converting over from UL to MET, or looking to start new service and save about a $1,000 a year, contact Greg Smith of MET and tell them you heard about them from The Sign Syndicate.com. Greg Smith gregs@fieldlabeling.com
  46. 0 points
    Brookyn NY ....... We are 1 mile from the Barkleys Center. The center for all the shit that happens in Brooklyn Manhattan is 1 Mile. 3 Miles from Times Square. In any direction I go, I'm in the middle of it. So far we are good.
  47. 0 points
    I just got a "unsubscribe" from our newsletters and reason stated "Going out of Business". This comes from a pretty large longtime Sign Company here in California
  48. 0 points
    I'm in CA, we just got shut down, no new business has come in the last couple weeks and the last few days zero emails. We have gone thru our backlog and that is it, we are closing for 1 month as of right now.
  49. 0 points
    I work for them ,first thing they did was take Good Friday, not a Holiday Anymore
  50. 0 points
    That's what I said after I looked up the people behind arcapita. But they understand bankruptcy laws in the US. Quite varied purchases also. $$$$. Will make for long distance mailings to get paid?
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