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  1. Gooday Rick, yep, eventually. I'm still not sure what actually fixed trhe pronblem but with some poking about under the top carriage cover I found the flat ribbon cable from the carriage to the PC board was very brittle. I had my local computer guy make up a new one for me and the problem mentioned dissappeared. Whether it was the cable of just pushing and shoving, I'll never know I guess. Since 'the fix', this machine has not missed a beat. I have no idea how many mtrs of vinyl I've put through it but it hasn't owed me anythging for a long time. YYZ, they are hard to get bits for, and if it has any serious unfixable problem, yep, I'll let it lay around and rest, while I upgrade to something a bit more flash. Noisy, slow, touchy, it does the job I ask of it so it stays till it's stuffed. Anyone else still running one of these ? Lance
  2. Here in Oz it is illegal to advertise and sell at different prices. When the price increases the signage must be changed before the pumps and when the price decreases the pumps are changed before the signs. This way the actual price you pay for fuel is always the lower. Currently paying AUD$1.38 / litr Best Lance :smile011:
  3. Which ever machine you decide on must be supported by a team of people who are interested enough and able to keep you operating. If something goes wrong for any reason I would like to know the problem can be fixed quickly and locally. Research ! Do lots of it. Most people here and on other forums have done exactly that before spending any $ on a machine. I found when looking around that any warranty hassles with the Creation would require the machine to be sent to the factory for work. IN CHINA, at my transport expence. I don't think so. This applies to Australia and may not be the case where you are. But find out before you pay the money. I ended up with a used PNC1000 and love it to death. I hope to upgrade after Xmas to a GX24. Why ? - features, Corel, easy to use, Corel, reputation, Corel, support, Corel, value for $, Corel, local distributor, Corel. My only decision is what software do I use with it. Decisions, decisions, ..... always decisions. Best Lance :smile011:
  4. Where did you get the machine ? Have you spoken to your equipment or consumables supplier ? Perhaps do a Google and check out the Master Cutter forums. Lance
  5. Now settle down girls and boys. That aint old. :smile011:
  6. That makes each of us 5% of specialness. Ohhhh Shucks :party3: It's nice when we can all play together without getting into too much trouble.
  7. :banana: :banana: Hey, how did you say to do it, just aint workin' :banana: :banana: Better try again later. :banana: :banana: Travis, keep playin at it and let us know how you get on. :banana: :banana: Feelin crook now, too many bananananans praps. :banana: :banana: Best Lance
  8. Gooday Remy You got it, theyr'e the ones. But they are lookin good for the future with all the new young blokes, just ask Eddy. I dont worry too much about them anymore. 15 years ago we found a local team who are incredible. Vermont Football Club won their game by 208 points last Saturday, thats 35 goals. Top of the ladder, undefeated for the season. More than happy to tell you all about them ........ What do you know of Collingwood and Aussie Rules Footy? Best Lance
  9. Hope Huey and the Gods settle down a little so you ppls can relax. Not a problem we have to worry too much about over here in Oz but we certainly feel for those who are affected. We have other serious things to concern us. Anyone heard of the Collingwood Football Club ? Best Lance
  10. You blokes getting together would be an occassion. I hope it happens for you some time soon. I lied, peace is good. WCG, the only one I know on this forum is me, and believe me, that aint no fun. Best Lance
  11. Thought that may be the case. Known each other a long time ? Best Lance
  12. :swear: Fight you buggars, I hate peace. :swear: Best Lance :smile011:
  13. But apart from all that I've got my doubts about the guilt of Jackson, lots don't sit right with mum and the boys. I have now tuned out of the media coverage until the verdict is announced and then accept and hope that justice has been done whichever way it goes. I do also hope that whatever happens, he is treated as a person and allowed to get on with his life wether he is free or not. Ya know, somehow I don't think that will happen. Best Lance
  14. The media is the same all over the world. Tits and bums will always dominate over poverty and hunger. We just don't want to know about that stuff. "Yeah of course I worry that people go hungry, but what time does the pizza place open" Sad. TV and newspapers all smell the same but we keep looking don't we. Yeah, sad. Best Lance
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