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  1. I remember ratchet strapping a 25' extension ladder to my 65' skyhook sign crane to reach a job that I incorrectly estimated the height at. I don't think I would be able to make that climb today.
  2. I use Quality Manufacturing. They do good work and meet my schedule. They are close enough so I can pick them up and save shipping and crating.
  3. http://www.mirror.co...33#.UuKCT9Lnbs0 I came across this site and wanted to share, It's almost as much fun if not more than the "dam tour" lmao Wonder if I could get a job at the F'ing Sign Co? It's probably warmer working at F****** Sign Co than at MN Sign Co
  4. Scheduled todays install a week ago. Todays weather, blizzard like conditions with winds at 40mph! At least its only a post and panel. Ended up making it out diving last weekend, here a couple of pics.... Pics were taken with our new phantom 2 drone! Will post some under the ice shots after install The "rays" allow light to penetrate the snow and improve visability underwater. They also lead back to the hole in case you become lost or disconnected from the safety line
  5. holy heatwave Batman! By two o'clock today were supposed to be back to zero! And almost 40° by the weekend! I might have to get out and do some scuba diving
  6. -15 with -35 to -48 windchill! at least the sun is shining this morning my car wouldn't start. Luckily, my wife's did. After hooking up the jumper cables and 15 min. of freezing I got it started. I went to scrape the ice and frost off my windshield, and my plastic scraper shattered! On a more positive note, my one car detached garage has become a walk-in freezer. Comes in handy this time of year after deer hunting season, or if you had to store a body for any amount of time
  7. Better stock up on paint scraper blades.............
  8. it's a good thing all my customers are happy customers! I knew right away it was a scam. I also called Dun & Bradstreet and they are aware, and supposedly have notified the authorities. of course, they took the opportunity to try to upsell me on their outdated program New Complaint : 4398328 Dun & Bradstreet has received the above-referenced complaint from one of your customers regarding their dealings with you. The details of the consumer's concern are includ
  9. Response Thanks for your time on this strange and some what interesting quest. I am coming to the conclusion they put the period there, because we can! The German background idea does make some sense. Funny, I watched the movie 'Joe Kidd' (Clint Eastwood) last night and there were no dots. If the subject ever comes up in a conversation, please e-mail me. Have a great week, without a snow shovel, I hope. I'm in Florida now, so I miss the season changes, but have lots of friends in the 'old country'. Thanks again, George
  10. Had this message in my inbox today. Looking for some help to answer his question. I am in a facebook group from New Ulm. We post a lot of photos from the 1950\'s and earlier. We have been noticing many of the older business signs have a (.) period after the company name, on the building sign. As in \" Schell Brewing. \" Wondering if anyone there might know why the dot? Was it just a trend? Or did it mean something? Any help would be appreciated. If no one knows, that\'s ok too. Just thought possibly a sign company might have some answer. Thanks so much for reading this
  11. We decided to do a smaller version to make sure it would work! The letters are about 26" tall with a 4-5" stroke width. The next version will have way more spacing. Kind of like blue lettering at night, its hard to read unless its double spaced. Here is the video of the lettering. Here is a funny video my buddy put together of the set up. unfortunately the camera died before we finished
  12. The signs will be illuminated, the snow opaques out the sunlight going through the ice. Removing the snow allows the light to go through the areas shoveled. We typically shovel "rays" with arrows going back to and intersecting with our access hole. That way if for some reason we become unattached from our safety line, we will know which way to swim back to the opening. I am really curious to see if the detail will transfer through 33 inches of ice..... as far as shoveling, my boss v plow on the front of the Ford 7.3 diesel takes care of most of that. I like to think of this as more hand lette
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