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  1. Anybody reconize this truck

    More of the story as told to me, guy with the truck gets a call from a former co worker who has also gone solo and started his own company. Says he has been hired to remove the EMC and could he (the guy with the truck) meet him there Saturday morning for a crane lift. The guy has just bought the truck and getting started so he could use the money so he agrees. They remove the first side, load it in a pickup truck and determine that there is not enough room for the other side so guy leaves with the first side to go get another pickup. Leaves guy with the crane (who does not have a clue they are stealing it) sitting there waiting on him to return. Guy eventually shows back up with an empty pickup, they load the second side and leave. Guy with the crane leisurely goes across the street to a convenience store to buy a drink and then goes home. This is a national chain fast food restaurant, broad daylight and they are open. Nobody goes out to ask what they are doing the entire time. It is really bizarre, did he not know those things are serialized and what is he going to do about software, radios, ect?
  2. Anybody reconize this truck

    As i understand it, that is not the case.
  3. Greensboro NC sign installer

    I have a job there and need someone to install. Anybody know a good one?
  4. Anybody reconize this truck

    They "allegedly" stole an EMC. They have been identified and an arrest warrant has been issued.
  5. Anybody reconize this truck

    Local PD has asked me to try and help identify it's owner.
  6. Can you use any generic 12 volt 60 watt power supply with these?
  7. How busy are you?

    I would love to add another truck and would have no problem keeping it busy. Finding another qualified crew has been impossible. We have put adds in the local paper, craigslist ect and almost no qualifed responces. It's depressing.
  8. The City has gone full Nazi on signs!

    Could you apply for three 7' x 4' signs mounted next to each other?
  9. MET Laboratories UL48 Program???

    I signed up with MET a few months ago, everything went smoothly, no problems. Have had some tough inspectors pass them with no questions. All in all, I highly recommend MET.
  10. Changing large sign boxes to L.E.D. lighting

    We also use the GE Powerstrip modules, you can make it as bright as you want by just adding modules untill you get what you are looking for.
  11. looking for a sign erector in Detroit

    Plus one on Allied, ask for Patrick Stieber. Patrick Stieber Allied Signs, Inc. 33650 Giftos Drive Clinton Twp, MI 48035 586-791-7900 - Phone 586-791-7788 - Fax patrick@alliedsignsinc.com
  12. Looking for 3" aluminum fluted posts

    Eastern Metal Supply, I belive they have what you are looking for.
  13. What Crane & Bucket Truck Do You Use?

    Do we need to call the fire dept? How long ya''ll been up there?
  14. Concept - Running Your Sign on Air

    Oh well, back to the drawing board. But what about a "do it yourself at home" vasectomy machine... hmmmmm?