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  1. Elegance

    Well said Sir!
  2. ISA Orlando Sign Expo 2016 Meet Up

    I will be there! Look forward to meeting you and other members of the Syndicate!
  3. i can tell you that they are a first class company.
  4. Greensboro NC sign installer

    Seward, Melinda Burchette Signs 8705 Triad Drive Colfax, NC 27235 Bus: (336) 996-6501 Bus Fax: (336) 996-0123 E-mail: melinda@burchettesign.com
  5. This Years Christmas Project

    very cool! Happy New Year Erik!
  6. Wishing all my friends a Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!
  7. Who has the Pizza Hut account?

  8. Sometimes I'm my own worst enemy

    Timing is everything! Glad you are ok Erik.
  9. The Profit ..another Sign Co.

    I have watched several episodes and am impressed with Marcus. He focuses on what he calls the 3 P's - People - Product - Process and gross profit. He is bold and honest and compassionate. I think he is doing a great service in elevating the perception of business people and educating his viewers on business fundamentals. Unfortunately many of his fixes would be tough to duplicate in the rest of the business world as he will put alot of money into a company and spend it on making great improvements. Most companies in the difficult situations that Marcus walks into don't have access to the kind of money that Marcus can spend.
  10. Securing Max Metal to Aluminum

    You can't weld Max Metal because it is ACM. Here is the way to get a permanent bond; clean the aluminum extrusion and the max metal where it will be bonded to the extrusion with Isopropyl alcohol then wipe both down (where they will be bonded) with adhesion promoter (you can get from N. Glantz) Apply VHB tape on the full length of the area to be bonded apply the max metal panel to the vhb/extrusion then use 3M Marine Grade adhesive at the joint of the extrusion and max metal Repeat for other side. This will hold like you wouldn't believe. You can use Lord adhesive but the 2 part adhesive generates enough heat while it is curing that it will soften the Polyethylene core of the max metal and you will be able to see it on the finished product. will look slightly depressed
  11. Hi All - I think that I need to chip in with my experience in dealing with national sign companies. When I was operating my Signarama business (sold to new owners in 2013) we averaged $250,000 annually in installations for national sign companies. This was business that we actively sought out and among the nationals that we did the most work for (Everbrite, Persona, Priority etc.) graded our performance and ranked us among their top installers nationwide for communication, timeliness, quality. In the nearly 10 years that I operated the business we only had one invoice that we couldn't collect on and that was an $1800 invoice to Imagepoint who went out of business the week after we completed the job. There were several sign companies that we did work for that we had to fight with to get paid (Regency was the worst) and our policy was that if we had a hard time with them once then the next time they called we explained that we would have to get paid up front. Most of the time they found someone else to do the work and they stopped calling us. I just want to be sure that we don't discourage new or infrequent visitors to Sign Syndicate from looking at this work as being good valuable business. As long as everyone reports the problem companies in Sign Syndicate forums we can help our colleagues avoid the bad apples and see that the good ones get the credit they deserve.
  12. Graphic Components

    HI Guys. Yes.. Randy Coffey who owns Pro Signs here in Greensboro bought my old Skyhook and is at the controls while Dwayne Secrest (who works for Randy) is installing our letters. Keith - this is a different building than I was in before. The other building is where we had our retail sign fabrication for our Signarama business which we sold in the fall of 2013. This building is where our Graphic Components business operates. We have 17,000 square feet here and are fully equipped to produce ADA and Interior Signage on a wholesale-only basis for other sign companies. Graphic Components was started in 2005 by the former owner - Rick Brown - in Stokesdale NC. My family and i purchased the business in 2010 and ran it separately from our Signarama business. We moved the business to Greensboro (to 3125 Spring Garden Street) in 2012. This is where i am focused now. Business is good and growing. We now have a team of 8 highly skilled folks working together to be the best Wholesale ADA sign fabricator for our customers!
  13. Graphic Components

    Well we finally got around to putting our sign up on our factory building today :-)
  14. My challenges

    Welcome to the sign business! What you are experiencing is part of the process of paying your dues. Over time you will develop relationships with customers that appreciate the advertising and branding benefits of signage and will call you first because they appreciate your service and quality. It just takes time. Keep plugging away. Maintain high standards of service, quality and ethics and in the long term you will get to where you want to go. There aren't any shortcuts other than to buy another established sign company and benefiting from their relationships.