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  1. I can't imagine Wade would just sit back and not address this issue. SOTT used to be the best of the industry trade publications, IMHO. It will lose the remaining readership quickly if this agenda-driven slant continues.
  2. Erik - Is there a Western States Sign Show this year? And is it in San Diego again? I checked the CSA web site and didn't see it. We attended that show a few years ago, and the attendance was poor. But maybe this year would be better. Let me know what you've heard - thanks.
  3. Computerized Cutters Accu Clinch machine for sale. 3 years old but used very lightly. This machine was not fast enough for our needs but would be fine for a lower volume shop. Please contact John Lewis for further information at jl@directsignwholesale.com.
  4. Hey HV, No problem. Kind of funny - when I first read your post, I thought you had actually seen a DSW ad in the publication. That is why I asked for the page number - I couldn't find it in the digital edition. If in fact an unauthorized ad was running, I would need to know the specifics ASAP. We did receive a listing in the recent Sign & Digital Graphics Buyer's guide, but that was unpaid. Anyway, with that said, we have advertised with Sign & Digital Graphics (formerly Sign Business) in the past, but not for quite a while. I think our last small ad ran about a year ago. Is it p
  5. Hi Gary - Thanks for your response. I haven't gone through the entire article yet (we've only gotten the digital edition - guess the printed one will arrive in today's mail.) But in Sign and Digital Graphics defense, I wanted to make sure it is clear that DSW is not currently an advertiser in the magazine. Let me take a look at the rest, and I'll post some additional thoughts.
  6. HV - Where do you see an ad for Direct Sign Wholesale? You mentioned that "every vendor listed happened to be an advertiser", but I looked through this issue, and don't see an ad from DSW. Which page is that on?
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