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    Axyz Router, 2 Geber Sabre 408 Routers, 2 Multicam 5x12 and 2 5x10 Multicam Routers<br /><br /><br />
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  1. Painting PVC letters

    We have always had good luck with using lacquer
  2. Granite Fabrication

    You can cnc granite with a diamond bit
  3. Amana O Flutes

    yes I have they compare quite nicley to the belins and cheaper
  4. Amana O Flutes

    Rod over at active machine & tool
  5. Good news Amana has started stocking there polished o flutes
  6. Down Spiral Bits

    What speed and feeds are you running? I always use the onsrud down spirals to cut polycarb with, I found i could abuse them more than the belins
  7. Accessorizing My Cnc Table

    Hey, can you let me know how you like the vortex cooling tube been thinking about putting them on our routers but not sure how well they work.
  8. If exterior how about using pvc
  9. Member Map

    Worked for me to
  10. Got One Ordered!

    Active are good people to work with who are you talking to West Coast I usually deal with rod or Todd over there. Michigan sign guy did you upgrade to the servos or not . Hope you got the 3 1/4 hp motor cause it looks like that's the only one you can change the rpm's on.Do you know the repeatability and tolerances on that router
  11. Got One Ordered!

    Congrats. What kind of cnc machine
  12. Belin Bits

    Yes I do great bits. Yes they are both owned by lmt group about 6 months ago or so I did some testing on some Amana polished O's that worked great on acrylic but they never started to produce them don't know why
  13. Belin Bits

    The onsrud polished spiral o bits are a nice cutting bit they leave a nice edge
  14. Belin Bits

    Have you tried Onsrud they make a 3/8'' spiral polished O
  15. No problem going to check on the gerber g-code but i also noticed it works on axyz's routers so maybe i'll just try it on our axyz router Thanks' Mike