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  1. We have always had good luck with using lacquer
  2. LionsQuarterback.ppsSome guys have it good even when its bad
  3. Sorry that's how it came to me.I don't have powerpoint either I just have a powerpoint viewer
  4. Opinion poll opinionpoll.pps
  5. Dream_house.ppsAnybody want buy a house in Mexico
  6. Sorry been very busy with work, Thanks for the pm west coast.Don't know how the tournaments work so could somebody explain them to me thanks
  7. Hear's kind of a nice site if you do any engraving http://www.engravingetc.org
  8. Alright so the ears were to much... this better
  9. Welcome Randy Thanks Erik I was going to use a different picture but my wife says this one really shows my smile.
  10. Alright how do you make a invisible post to a post
  11. No you can use other software with gerber equipment
  12. Is this what he's talking about not sure if i did it right sorry http://www.signweb.com/script/forum/read.p...i=18296&t=18296
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