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  1. italiajp

    Trailer Park Hollywood Blvd.

    93'x 14' D/F Exposed neon sign with reverse pan digital logo.
  2. Hey there Sign world! Looking for qualified electrical sign installers in the Guam territory? Any suggestions or ideas? email me jpanuzzo@me.com Thanks!
  3. italiajp


    FORZA ITALIA!!!! Gio Panuzzo Orlando, Florida
  4. italiajp


    This is a permanent display that I sold and project managed with the support of my team in the Nasau Bahamas
  5. I will be in ISA this year. Good times in Vegas.. A lot of good information and time to catch up on what's going on and who's who.. Would enjoy meeting some fun people and hanging out in the CITY OF SIN . People let us knwo where you are staying and who has the best deals? I will be coming in from Orlando, FLorida. flying in.. John
  6. Have you ever wondered how everybody gets there start? How do we become "sign geeks"? I can atribute my success in the industry to a couple of distent memories and still remember it clearly like it was just yesterday. Having the privlage to spend 3 years in Asia, primarily Japan, I can remember standing in the streets of Shinjuku and in aww as I was surrounded by miles and miles of multi colored neon, illuminated sidewalk rotating signs written in Kanji, and some of the most impressive LED Video Displays out there that could only be seen in the major ballparks U.S. Side. I took these memoires with me and knew right there and then that signs were going to run in my blood like hot lava. With my family owning and running Italian restaraunts since 1976, it was a hard sale to my father that "johnny" was not going to be part of the family business but move on and learn a trade. I did and can owe my origianal and my virgin education to signs to a very good friend of mine that happens to own and manage this very website. Erik, Thank you.. a small location in the midst of a move in the southern region of Mira Mesa is where I joined Erik and began by fabricating and installing. I of course weighed 30 pounds lighter and was the shortest of bunch towering at a mere 5'6". Can you say crawl space? In the most challenging of conditions I grit and beared to run G.T.O. cable thru some pretty tough toght spaces. I can remember my buddies claim to fame being the famous Southern California Spaghetti Factory locations. Installing multiple what at that time for me was a "HUGE" set of 3' channel letters on raceways. Standing on the roof line of some of these pictures being careful not to slip off the roof and kill ourselves. TO BE CONTINUED....
  7. italiajp

    Signs in Orlando/ MCO

    Signs that I sold/project managed
  8. An album dedicated to the efforts and construction of the Rumble Rockit Roller Coaster located at Universal Studios Orlando, Florida.
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