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  1. RayofLight has just broken Westcoast Sign Guy score in Moon Patrol with a new score of 6,500 old score was 1,250
  2. h8Ek9eDHn5I I thought I would spice things up around here. it's posted in the arcade because it says discussion and smack talk .
  3. RayofLight has just broken B.O.P. score in Max Dirtbike with a new score of 8 old score was 7
  4. i didn't mean take off my picture, i ment add a hot chick!!!
  5. Why the hell isn't there a hot chick on the desktop wall picture
  6. RayofLight has just broken Travis score in Yetisports 10 - Icicle Climb with a new score of 10.995 old score was 10.415
  7. RayofLight has just broken B.O.P. score in Sexy Speed Test with a new score of 3 old score was 4
  8. RayofLight has just broken RonythePony score in Ultra Black with a new score of 124,700 old score was 123,600
  9. Damn i hate being back to work....
  10. well.... back again. after about 12 ours off flight and a 2 our stop-over in Washington. I’ll be catching up about a week of sleep. I think all together I slept about 20 ours in total on 6 day period flying suck's I can't sleep on plains... Vegas was intense but I am glad to be out of the insanity. on a personal level it was to short, I would have loved to talk to everyone some more. i might have to come to the Orlando show....and bring the wife. (without the kid…) After our meet at the Burger bar we (neon cowboy and his crew) went to the Arlon party at the Hard-rock café. It was a cool setting, lots of free drinks and food. I reunited with the Dutch sign people group I was traveling with and some of us went to the double down café. Some kind of urban decay café for goth chicks, bohemians, punks, rockabilly greasers and regular joes. The neon cowboy fitted right in… The next day someone had hired two ford mustang’s for a trip to the Hoover dam. It was my last day in town and after some fast shopping for gifts to bring to the home front, I didn’t have any time left to hook up with some of the people I met. I hope to see some of the same faces and some new ones the next time ...and who knows i might even bump into someone in Holland, whenever you are interested in a trip to the Heineken breweries or other quality local beers that don't make you Kirstie, keep me posted on your new day care center and Giudo when ever your wife makes a fortune on those Light-bulbs you won't have to look far for a European distributor
  11. won’t mind trading in some sign T-shirts wile I am down there. i have a bit of a collection going on. just got some new ones of my own made today.
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