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  1. Installers are impossible to find. Lots of poaching going on between companies. I asked a buddy how many employees he had working for him. He said about half....
  2. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.- Busy,, many new housing starts, large volume of house sales,tourisum is down a bit (less Americans) more europeans, and asians (it's a tourist town.) WHAT RECESSION?????
  3. My epson just died,( just off warrenty) I'm learning to hate Epson!!! Dwight
  4. These are great, there are cheap ones that fall apart, the good ones are about $50.00 bucks I think. Woth every penny.. Dwight
  5. Joemomma, That should have been posted in the " Comedy" section. That's hilarious!!! Dwight
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  7. You've got to pity China. It's like they've just been accepted in the high society social club, and have to drag around they're idiot brother ( North Korea ). The drunk one, with food on his shirt,and caught peeing in the hot tub Dwight
  8. Here in Victoria B.C. , no animated, scroll, or flashing, allowed by city by-laws, exept, of course the HUGH (12' X 30") two sided LED sign on our new arena, half owned by the city. They wrote an exeption to the by-law to exclude their own sign!!!!! lol. Dwight
  9. Our independance as a nation is as important to us as it is to Americans. It's hard not to feel a little insignificant living along your northern border. Stuff like your government's stance on softwood lumber,and cattle ,etc. really hammer our much smaller economy. That being said,your our friends, and always will be. Ask any American that was stuck in Canada when the planes were grounded on 9/11, how they were treated up here! We do have differences of opinion over the Iraq situation, but we're shoulder to shoulder with you in Afganistan,(which is where this hole thing really started
  10. Canadians are very concerned with the devistation. Yesterday a 40 man emergency response team left from Vancouver,search dogs, engineers, doctors, etc. The Canadian army have offered our "DART" teams, who's specialty is large, mobile water purification plants,!000's of liters/hour. (deploys in 48 Hrs. ) .The Canadian government has already pledged 2 million dollars,( with more to follow I'm sure).Canadian Red Cross and other agencys are sending blankets, clothing etc........... Canada has always responded when America has been hurt. We,ve been friends and neighbours for hunderds of years.
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    neon harley

    neon harley
  12. Dwight

    neon harley

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