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  1. I've had an Amprobe "Hawk" AT-3000,for about 10years. It cost around two grand,but when you consider how useful it has been, how many times I've used it and how much money it has made and saved, it was worth it. I use it for locating underground problems, finding where power is fed from, finding buried junction boxes,etc. It's also useful for locating existing power to signs and pole lights when we're putting in a new foundation nearby so we don't hit it while digging or drilling and are able to reroute and reuse it. This tracer has two other modes, one that detects power underground, and a
  2. I had the same problem with one of those as jsousa, but putting a drywall screw into plywood, the gear broke and locked up and the phillips tip ripped open my hand. That was the second one I had that broke on me. They are not very heavy duty, maybe fine for face screws but not much else. I also found the side thumb handle hard to hold on to and to keep on the tool. The bits did not lock in at all and would pull out or even fall out easily. O.K. I'm done griping, I did buy a milwaukee right angle drive off amazon last year ($37 at the time) that is about the same depth.is much heavier duty (it
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