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    David Tubman
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    USWEST Sign & Lighting
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    New Braunfels, TX
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    Problem solving.

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    National Sign/Service Co.

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    2263 Deer Run Ridge, New Braunfels, TX 78132
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    50ft reach bucket truck, Portable welder (Non-Certified), 6x10 trailer and Pick-Up truck to transport.

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  1. dwtubman


  2. Welcome to Texas, Robert

    I relocated here a year ago myself (From CA).

    May stop by to chat soon-I'm in New Braunfels up the road.


    1. Snap


      Thanks for the welcome! Been in SA just over two years (from SC)

  3. EMPIRE FACILITIES/FRONT STREET (SCAM?) I got a call and promise for a rush work order for a Sprint near me. When no work order showed up I looked further into the phone number, address and reviews since I had the time to check them out. Found lots of warnings about them-their address was a small suite that was for lease, they changed their company name and only found bad reviews ("Over 100 days. . ." and some "No pays". . .) Here's a link in case anyone is considering doing work for them. 631/244-8474 Phone number on caller ID (Different number left on voice msg). http://longisland.citysearch.com/profile/42344871/bohemia_ny/empire_facilities_mgmt_group.html Just sayin. . .
  4. I don't know of any Service oriented trade mags out there-Sine that is where the 'problems' have to be resolved-it seems there should be much more emphasis on what works-what lasts-and what doesn't. ALSO-Most installers and servicers learn by expereince-not by taking the contractors licensse exams.
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