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  1. butchbainbridge

    Sign & Crane Accident mixed with Power Lines

    I agree with the comments. It sure looks like a rigging mistake. Removals are much more dangerous than installs because the difficulty in predicting the balance point creates a potential to swing.
  2. butchbainbridge

    65' Crane on 1995 GMC

    The Battery Charger is a nice feature, nice & quiet compared to our new truck with a PTO & engine running all day. We replaced this with an Elliot of the same size, I love the new truck but it's amazing how much work we did with this rig. I agree the ladder is often faster than the basket...hope it serves another person as well & without a big investment.
  3. 1993 Chevy with 58,000 original miles. 38' Remote Versalift Bucket. Honda Generator plus large truck powered inverter. All new tires. Lots of bins & 12 1/2' deck. 454 Gas Engine. Auto Trans. Located in Northern CA. Great service truck for Only $12,500 Contact: butch@paramountsigncontractors.com
  4. butchbainbridge

    65' Crane on 1995 GMC

    65' Garland Crane on 1995 GMC Topkick. Big Block Gas engine. 5 Speed w/ 2 speed rear end. 134000 mi. Lamp Bins, Tool Bins. New front tires. Truck has been used daily for service & installs. Runs great, Crane is due for recable soon. Base controls. Hydraulic Lift Ram. Contact butch@paramountsigncontractors.com $15,500
  5. butchbainbridge

    Sign Companies wanted for Monthly Service Work

    Hello, We would be happy to help with the Bay Area CA locations. My link Butch Bainbridge Paramount Sign Contractors 2701 Road I Redwood Valley CA 95470 [p] 707.485.7555 [f] 707.485.5081 butch@paramountsigncontractors.com www.paramountsigncontractors.com
  6. butchbainbridge

    Receiving payment

    The fact that companies are falling behind is a warning sign that your gonna get burned. The dangling carrot of more work needs to be understood in the light of what happened with Image Points failure. Companies that do not manage cash flow will fail and if we let them be sloppy with payment then we add to the problem & get what we deserve. Everyone needs to stick together, it's for the best of all concerned if we don't lend money, particularly to those that are not responsible.
  7. butchbainbridge

    Receiving payment

    We all need to be careful with late payment particularly in this economy. We must insist on deposits when fabricating & service calls need to be paid within the terms. When installing for other sign companies we need to be paid within the agreed terms or walk away from future jobs and let everyone know about the deadbeats. If we allow people to use our money we need to consider the risk & understand that we will get burned eventually. I feel we should be honest and expect the same from our clients. If they want us to work for them then we should not be shy about demanding payment. Our focus should be on doing great work & not begging for payment.
  8. butchbainbridge

    Lets work together to help ImagePoint

    Our company has unpaid invoices for sign removals that Image Point won't pay....try putting a lien on that. These are tough times and as others have said, installation companies need to stick together and require deposits just as the National Sign Companies need to require deposits from the end user. Large Corps will always try to use someone else s money but though days are coming to an end when we see institutions waving goodbye.