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  1. arkmartin


  2. arkmartin

    Looking for input

    Have used Summa for 20 years now. Can't imagine using anything else. One of my competitors has a Gerber and the only thing different between his Gerber and our Summa is nameplate.
  3. arkmartin

    New Installation Method

    Give a sign enough rope and it will hang itself.....
  4. I only had one guy that smoked but never in the truck. The truck still stunk because of the stench sticking to him. Fortunately, he kicked the habit! My issue is these damn cell phones. I have the best employee in the world. He can figure anything out and can do it all when it comes to a sign shop. But the damn phone is more addictive than the cigs.... He has no idea what a theft device this thing poses. Anyone have a good plan for tip-toeing around a great employee with a disgusting habit like this?
  5. arkmartin

    2 step SIMPLE way to install patterns into flexi

    I'm an idiot. Been using Flexi since 1996 and did not know this. THANKS!
  6. arkmartin

    Foreigner would not shake my hand????

    Maybe you should have informed him that that was fine (not shaking hands) and that had he not wanted his baby to shake hands with us infidels, he should have had it in his own country because EVERY one of you shook hands, tickled, cuddled and in general smothered the future terrorist with true love! Probably make him mad enough to go home and beat his camel.....
  7. arkmartin

    Anyone know this company

    Did some repair work for them about 2 years or so ago. They seemed fine to work with. I think they might have taken the usual amount of time to pay...45 days or so, but I recall them being nice and genuine. We did a Bank of America (yukkk) repair in Missouri. We are in NW Arkansas! Wooo, Pig, Sooie!! Go Hogs!
  8. I always thought he looked like Will Ferrell Seriously though, I Fellers is one of my better places to buy from. Yeah, used to be. When Frank cared. Now you e-mail your order and they only send half of what you need even though we submit line by line order. It's not that hard to do. Now, Frank is untouchable so you can't voice your opinion to him...if he cares.
  9. I don't see Fellers on this list...or N & F for that matter. Fellers used to be awesome. Now, not so much. I think Frank (Clint Eastwood wannabe)Fellers has lost his company to a bunch of malcontents. Service is second rate from the headquarters. Local rep and warehouse manager are great, though. N & F some times drops the ball, but give us best price most times. Arkmartin
  10. Need a little help here. Some time ago I built a 4' x 15' can with flex face and split the lighting with f84's on one half and f96's on the other, one ballast per set. One side is brighter than the other. I have replaced both ballasts. What could cause this and how do I fix it?

  11. arkmartin

    no pay BEWARE

    My bad... not Florida, PA. nationwidesignservice.com
  12. arkmartin

    no pay BEWARE

    To everyone out there in sign land...BEWARE! Just got notice from Nationwide Sign Service in PA that they can't pay their bill for service work we completed over a month ago for Lane Bryant/Cacique right now. I suggested they get a competent financial officer and that I may have to remove the sign for "safety" reasons. They fired back that we would be in violation of U.C.C code...what is that? Does anyone know? Is there a list out there for "deadbeat" sign service companies?
  13. arkmartin

    getting paid

    I may have come up with a remedy for slow and non paying "national" sign companies. I recently performed a reinstall of a Movie Gallery sign where another inferior company had installed 2 TOGGLE BOLTS per sign in Dryvit (stucco) with NO backing or anything. I.D and Associates contracted us for this install and after 75 days of not getting paid and making threats of removing the signs for non payment, they kept blowing me off and telling me that it would be trespassing if I removed them. I told them I didn't care if I went back to jail (!!!) but still they wouldn't pay. Then, my solution was to inform them that on a "follow up inspection" I noticed some "defects" with the sign faces and that for my own peace of mind and considering the "liability" of the install, maybe I should remove the faces until I could make certain the sign was again "safe". Of course this may take "awhile" considering all aspects of the job. I got the check within 2 days after this revelation. I think they realized this would look bad for their customer, them and everyone concerned. I had the least to lose! Any one else have solutions like this or need to use this one, let's hear about it. arkmartin
  14. arkmartin

    Music at your place?

    Ozark Mountain Daredevils or Old Crow Medicine Show. nuff said
  15. just got bankruptcy notice from international sign and design