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  1. We've used both Think Signs and Cirrus as well as Watchfire
  2. iesigns


  3. I apologize. I find these threads a bit hard to follow. I never said or inferred in any way that I was slamming men. I come from a military family and have nothing but respect. I also have 6 brothers and we were all raised with a strong work ethic. I also don't believe in preferential treatment, just equality. That's it.
  4. Absolutely you are entitled to what you earn Hard work by anyone is commendable, honorable and appreciated.
  5. I am also a a sign woman (19 years in the industry) and I have been very lucky. Especially here in Idaho. But if you can't see that we're the exception, then you're not looking very hard. Women have fought hard for every "right" we have in this country including marching and protests. If that's what it is going to take to keep these rights and continue our rise to "across the board" equality, then so be it. I did not take part in this particular protest because I had responsibilities at work, but I fully supported those that did. I will always support peaceful protest. As the mother of
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