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  1. Hi Folks, Was wondering if anyone would be willing to share a wholesale LED poster Box source with me. We are putting a bid together for a local casino and they are asking for pricing on a few LED light box for back lit prints. I suppose if I had my choice a supplier located mid country would work best. Thanks Mike B Big River Sign Co.
  2. Hi Folks, Does anyone know of a wholesale source for these changable letter boards. School needs a few more. Thanks Mike B
  3. It felt better to go up through the wires than over and down. Oh well, just another installation. Thanks MB
  4. One side was phone and one side was power. The power to the building was shut off by City. It was actually roomier than it looks. MB
  5. Very Nice! I am conviced that design and presentation will win over price! Thanks MB
  6. Man sometimes I wish I lived where Paul does!! 10 mile work radius would be freakin awesome!!!! I am refurbishing an older L55 right now and will post some picks when we are ready. It's not going to be near as flashy as Paul's stuff but we are dam proud of where we are today! Thanks guys and have a safe day! MB
  7. For some reason this looks like it would be a good truck for Paul's Sign in New York! Um...... Maybe the red and chrome? http://www.signweb.com/forum/for-sale/just-reduced-2005-freightliner-m2-elliot-l55-with-jib-winch#.VVyFZ1I271E Have a great and safe day every one! Thanks Mike B Big River Sign Co.
  8. Hey Rocco, What is capacity and max height of crane? I am interested. How is it powered? Could you email more pics to mike@bigriversignco.com. Thank you Mike B Big River Sign Co. Peosta, IA
  9. Hi Folks, Does anyone know of a wholesale vendor for the changeable copy sign in the attached pic? Preferably in the midwest. Thank You Mike B Big River Sign Co.
  10. Just a quick follow up, we were informed by our vendor that a single print may result in some "washout" issues. We elected to go with a single print because we had to tighten our belt on this one. Thanks for everyones advise as it is always appreciated. Our vendor has always treated us fairly and delivered what was promised. This was an issue brought about entirely by us. We'll truth be told by me. Thanks Folks Mike B
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