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  1. I would think the wall would need to bracing in the back to support the weight of the sign but I don't see any?????? Where are the other stores signs? Wierd place to mount a sign anyway. Wonder if any engineering was done.......yeah I know, stupid question!
  2. Looks like whoever put the sign up maybe didn't mount all points to the studs? Hence the weight of the sign pulled the sheetrock down.
  3. I had a similar experience happen to me a few years ago at a outside mall in Ocala FL. We were installing a set of CL's and a under canopy sign when the stucco ceiling came falling down around us! It didnt even start where we were working but to the left of us......the ceiling peeled away like a banana, turned the corner and keep going for about 200 ft. All the undercanopy signs went through the storefronts of about 6 stores. After it fell I took photos of the 1/2" STAPLES holding the mesh on the joists......1/2" STAPLES!!!!!! The contractor was held accountable for all damages and no one was
  4. I got a interview with a great sign company tomorrow!!!!! Stay tuned!!!!
  5. What does a guy who loves this business do for a job? I have 30 yrs doing what I love....always thought I would have a job for life. I have 20+ yrs as a Installer, 10 yrs as a National Account Manager overseeing National Brand change overs, Install Coordinator for a major manufacturer........it is a shame to waste this talent. Hire me!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Still looking for a company in the Tampa area that needs a experienced Coordinator.
  7. I am laughing my ass off right now!!!!! Sad but true......buy AMERICAN.
  8. I will defintely be there........what days are the show? Hey FireDawg.....no helmet required here in the Sunshine state!
  9. Looking for a position in Tampa, FL. as a Install Coordinator. I have worked in the sign industry for over 30 years for some large companies with brand accounts. If you would like contact me please leave your number and or e-mail and I will call. My resume will be supplied upon request. OBJECTIVES: -To oversee client’s projects from conception to completion including design requests, work orders, project schedules, vendor sourcing and contracting. -To work with several departments within the company as a team to handle client’s projects and meet deadlines. -To issue purchase orders to vend
  10. It's a new year and I am ready to go to work. I am willing to relocate so don't delay because I will be working for your competitor!!!!
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