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  1. As I see it ..... This isn't about the bigotry and acceptance of others. Most people I've come across are compasionate and understanding. It's about the government mandates (Laws, with penalties) instigated by socialist agendas What's next? A law requiring men to put the seat back down? I understand and support ADA signage and accomodations for the disabled such as wheelchair access, parking and etc. What I don't like is the regulations and penalties for failure to adhere to it. I have installed signs for small businesses trying to get open only to be stopped because their bathroom didn't have enough room or have the right railing next to the toilet. Some of these small businesses are just barely making it financially only to be penalized over technicalities. I think it should be up to the owner if he will spend the money to accomodate the handicap. Some owners I've talked to say they have never had a patron who required the ADA mandates. I'm sure they would love to have the added business if it was there and provided the return on investment.
  2. Sweet! Under canopy = water proof ? Can they also be used outdoors ? Let us know when available, Thanks
  3. Hi Erik, I have a "what if" type of question concerning the licensing laws in CA, TX, FL, etc. that require a state contractor license to do work on signs. It seems in my experience that the National Service Comapanies that are in another state who contract with the Chain Stores are doing so with the Chain's Home Office in another state.. The only connection is with the independent service company (Us) that is local to the store that needs repair and is licensed in that state to do the work. In your state, does this still require a state license for the contract even though the contract is executed out of state? And all this brings up another delimma, and that is Sales Tax. My local sales tax office is now telling me that I am responsible for sales tax on the repair (parts and labor) even though I didn't sell anything to the end user. I think this is battle I'm going to lose. In one of the contracts with a National, it specifies that I am responsible for any taxes
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