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  1. fishing nut

    Who does the wawa stores?

    We had the opportunity to bid on installation and service but declined on the stringent requirements of stocking reader board supplies and the 24 hour mandated service.
  2. fishing nut

    Seriously why bother

    I hear ya, variance meetings, Historic pres meetings all BS. Did a H&R BLOCK for Montclaire, NJ. Made it through HPC, Then Variance then building then had all approvals from all levels and landlord and when tried to install the F'n Condo committee stopped the install and only allowed a banner, some times all the hoops are not worth it.
  3. fishing nut

    ISA Orlando Sign Expo 2016 Trip

    If I wasnt bound by a bank change over I would have been there, Definitely vegas next year to make sure you don't forget who I am. My wife says I cant go without her for that one ( she no trust me) Are you planning a north east trip ???
  4. fishing nut

    Who has the Sports Authority account?

    Typically the complex landlord will handle the removals once they move out. The National will usually just hang a "Closing" banner.
  5. fishing nut

    Neon is a "Green" Product? Nope

    are they calling it green because they can recycle at least 80% . I always thought of it as a green product, Emerald, Veep, Tropic and Standard, LOL
  6. fishing nut


    You better swing by. I'll give you the grand tour, I'll even show you where those wannabe's who destroyed the joisey rep lived. Unfortunately it's only 5 miles from me.
  7. fishing nut

    Tipping Monuments

    They sent the signs but forgot to send the poles. LOL
  8. fishing nut


    You should have ran down to the Jersey Shore, Its only a few hours away. Hope you had a fun trip.
  9. fishing nut

    RTV Silicone vs "Silicone

    If it has the acid smell to it it will eat away at them over time.
  10. fishing nut

    How much should a neon plant sell for?

    It's only worth what someone will pay. I have a complete plant sitting in my garage. It is my EGL test plant, top shelf everything. Contact Fire Dawg on here, he was inquiring about equipment.
  11. You have done a great job with this test. I see many differnt types come through from majors. Sloan and GE seem to hold the market share. Starting to see a tom of box signs coming in with this as well. Osram mainly.
  12. fishing nut

    General LED Channel Letter Failures On The Rise

    "Very few reputable companies like GE and others, don't even want to be in it any longer, they would rather be in general lighting. Why?" I can answer that. If I remember correctly I think I even posted it here many moons ago. When I was on the OEM side of the fence. The companies like GE and OSRAM got into the sign LED scenerio as a beta site to conduct life tests, applications and the likes in actual settings to "perfect" thier modules for where the real money is. Why do you think they changes the systems so frequently?? Do you think they really had the sign guys intrest at the top of the priority list. Can you get the older modules or anything that was ousted when the next evolution rolled in. If they had the best intrest they would keep a stock of older systems like GM or any car manufacturer keeps parts available. Just my .02
  13. fishing nut

    Where are you guys getting HO lamp boots?

    Check Voltarc
  14. fishing nut

    Sometimes I'm my own worst enemy

    Wish I was fishin, All work. PM during the day, Bending at night. Did you get the pic I sent you the other night of an install we were on?