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  1. The backlit photos look outstanding. Well done on that project! It is always great to see halo signs with enough lighting that it really makes them stand out (especially with multiple colors) instead of just a silly little border.
  2. knocking out some quotes!

  3. Just wanted to throw out a few examples of our work in case anyone needs something taken care of in Metro Detroit or throughout Michigan.
  4. I have to be honest, jumping into a forum trashing your last employer is a tough way to get a job interview! sorry, but being honest
  5. I have to add this... I actually did get a phone call today to quote the install! This forum is amazing.... heheheheheheh
  6. Just talked with the management group yesterday actually, kind of funny to run into this post today. We have been doing a ton of variance work for the owner of one of the Detroit locations for months. The whole time we were doing the variance work (minimal charge since he is an old customer and the HIE franchise group was clear they would get me on the vendor list. Now I'm told that the management company already has their 21 vendors in North America and the one assigned to the midwest "might" call me for the install. What a pain in the ass. I know the drill on changeovers, but it seems
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