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  1. Hey Litegirl!!!, if you ever need any assistance in the big apple NYC  or anywhere in the metropoalitain area please don't hesitate to ask. Keep on signing on!!! I am going to use these NCLED S  for the first time looking forward to seeing how they perform. Stay safe !!


  2. HAS ANYONE HEARD of the comany amazingsignprices.con, wholesalesignbuilder.com Joe Manchel???
  3. Hi Guys, China is a total mess as county. They produce more pollution and more garbage than they can dispose of. With all there manufacturing they will learn they will not survive. It just takes time for them to learn like we did. Yes higher wages are good for them and us,but there government manipulates the currency to avoid the effects on exports. The people will do what the government tells them to do or they will either be put in jail or killed. The best way to combat the chinese issue is to not buy goods from china. Nor should you support any company that is here in america that produces
  4. Paul, I to got that that notice. I have my October statement from 2009 and the October statement from 2010 and the increase is 400%. The total premium is 4 times what is was in 2009. They are really screwing us. Larry
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