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  1. I've seen a similar LED product (made by I-light) used here in Florida on some high profile exterior jobs that were retrofitted from neon. The cost for the retrofits for 2 of the jobs that I quoted for a relamp was more than 5 times the cost of replacing the 15 year old neon. Install not included. In less than 2 years I was contacted to replace the I-light do to its miserable performance. The Florida sun made short work of the plastic housing encasing the LED's . A couple of tropical storms later and you have a bunch of disintegrated plastic tubing hanging from your building or sign structure. That product is definitely not made to hold up in a tropical climate . I'm sure colder climates with freezing temps. and ice would have a similar affect on it. It really does make you wonder what a "salesperson" has to say or promise to get someone to spend way too much money on an unproven product that is made to replicate the one that has given you 70 years of service.
  2. Lol. I believe it's pronounced "technorogy" Dominic
  3. LOL , Busted ! I would have to think that a little exposure on the Syndicate's "hall of shame" would put a stop to it.
  4. Another great looking job Erik. Nice even light output through those perforated faces
  5. ummmm..........are you sure you're on the right web board Marianne ? Good Lord ! The sign girls that I've seen here in Florida just don't look anything like that . I guess The Beach Boys were right about California girls.
  6. That's why I always paid my tube benders by the piece . It's self motivating and works well provided you have experienced tube benders that can produce quality along with the quantity. Of course it's tough for me to generate enough business to keep a tube bender working everyday right now.
  7. That's awesome Nathan ! Just looking at that picture made my wedding tackle shrink 75 %
  8. I worked in a union sign shop back in the late 80's and 90's and remember wondering how a business could properly reward the deserving and productive employees when the dead weight was gauranteed the exact same rewards for their efforts or lack there of. Every contract year the union would hold the business hostage until they strong armed their way to new unprecedented raises and benefits until the business finally was no longer able to compete in the market place and it went belly up. This model for failure looks exactly like our present administrations social agenda.
  9. Damn that's sad . Thoughts and prayers for the family.
  10. I guess I'm going to go with the underdog . I don't really care much either way for these 2 teams. Just hoping for a good game
  11. Nice ! Great job Erik. One things for sure , there is no one in San Diego making a living servicing signs that you have built and installed. : ) I've been using my 'Neon Roy' for a couple of years now. Great tool for consistant quality lamp manufacturing. Happy New Year bro !
  12. Yep, Reminds me of a book I read in college called 'Atlas Shrugged' written by Ayn Rand back in the 50's . Her book describes the eventual collapse of society due to governmental interference in industry and the elimination of a profit incentive for the most productive in the society.Lo Was this the same Ayn Rand who was a devout Atheist and and absolutely was opposed to any agrressive acts such as war for any reason? She also thought the poor were basically worthless entities who should be thrown on the scrapheap of society. An intersting factoid you may not have known; Rand underwent surgery for Lung Cancer 1974 after decades of heavy smoking. In 1976 she retired from writing her newsletter and, despite her initial objections, reluctantly allowed Evva Pryor, a consultant from her attorney's office, to sign her up for Social Security and Medicare. I guess in the end she succumbed to being one of the takers after years of being fiericly Capitalistic. Yes, I read Atlas Shruggd and Fountainhead along with other books such as Soul on Ice, Malcom X and Catcher in the Rye but to name a few as required reading in my junior high curriculum. They were all required reading but I never subscribed anything more to them other than required nonsense to pass my class. And we all know how the proclamation of being an Ayn Rand junkie which guided his adult life worked out for Representative Paul Ryan. I think the majority of folks in the country weren't too impressed with Ayn Rand or Mr. Ryan. Best I am familiar with Rands beliefs , political and philosophical view points. Don't claim to be a "Rand junkie" I very simply stated that Mark's comment along with other comments in this thread ,ie..doctors are ready to walk away from their profession due to the new health care law ,reminded me of a book I read 25 years ago. Seems to be a lot of liberties taken in this thread to put words or intents of others opinions /statements in question and proceed to attack them. Don't take yourself so seriously bro. I respect your opinion but don't preach to me . If you were educated in the U.S. progressive public educational system I Seriously dought that any of Rand's works were part of your curriculum at any level.
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