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  1. I'll be speaking at the Show this year. It is Wednesday morning at 9:00 "IBC 2009 & Sign Engineering" hope some can make it. We usually have a booth but times are tough and we cut back didn't have one for Vegas. Louis Cortina
  2. Mark: We have been doing engineering for a number of Applebee's canopies, trellises and towers. I am not at liberty to say who are working for. We have been paid by our client so far. Who they deal with at Applebees I do not know. If you need engineering for an Applebee's project please keep us in mind. Registered in ALL 50 states. Louis J Cortina PE www.sign-engineer.com
  3. Congrats on the new position. We have been serving Fluoresco for a number of years. Louis Cortina PE Michael Brady Inc., Engineering www-sign-engineer.com
  4. Sign Engineering: If anyone needs their sign structures engineered, please give us a try. Licensed in ALL 50 states, competitive rates. Visit our website at www.sign-engineer.com. or email louisc@sign-engineer.com.
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