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  1. Yes, and in the installation/project management aspect. Somebody doing some Holiday Inn signs for Latin America? We already make one in Guatemala, one in Argentina..... working another one in Costa Rica and one last in Nicaragua...... seems like they are free to work with any sign company (who could be approved by SMC) see attached some photos of the holiday inn signs we already made here....
  2. Working a lot.... trying to survive the "crisis".... in countries like ours, hit us really hard.... and we are still in the middle of the storm..... Doing some Holliday Inn hotels (with SMC), and trying to get all the projects in our region, but there are not too much.... Are you involved in the Caltex project?? just Caltex or Texaco too?
  3. Manuel, Is this Chevron you are speaking of? Caltex is a Joint Venture in some countries between Chevron and Texaco from a long time ago..... (now are the same company) As far as I know, they will do Texaco (Latin America, Canada Europe) and Caltex (Asia - Oceania - Africa)
  4. We receive an invitation from ChevronTexaco to participate on Texaco / Caltex Convertion.... right now, this is in the initial process, to check who can attend on each region and what capabilities we have.... they wanted companies in Africa, Oceania, Latin America, Europe and Canada.
  5. This Holiday Inn sign is in Latin America... and is not GE Tetra..... is PERMLIGHT.... (already installed like that in Argentina, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador...)
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