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  1. We have had pretty exceptional service with Multicam so far. We have the cell phone from the tech who installed our machine for us and he has proved extremely helpful in solving the issues that have come up with the machine. Most of our issues have been software update related stuff on our controlling computer lol. Stupid windows updates lol. In regards to vacuum holdown our Multicam came with a 20 hp blower style vacuum. We thought that was going to be great and replace the 10 hp Becker rotary pump vacuum we had been running with our old machine. Got it hooked up and was not impressed.
  2. We purchased a used Multicam a couple years ago to replace an old AXYZ machine we were using since 2003. It is a 5x10 Multicam 5000 series. Thing is awesome. Big and heavy, tool changer, 11 hp spindle with vacuum hold down. Had the Multicam guys install their digital print registration system for cutting sheets we print on our flatbed. Very happy with the machine.
  3. Sorry I didn't clarify, rent a crane and an operator to run it 👍
  4. Although we don't have to worry about the crane cert issue because we are renting cranes when needed, what TDewitt mentioned about the crystalline silica OSHA standard is definitely something everyone should look at. It actually took effect on the 23rd of September. I think this has a much bigger long term effect on our business than the crane regs. We already have GC's asking for our updated safety plans that include the silica dust procedures lol.
  5. We've used these on a number of projects now and have been super happy with the results. The standard 2 diode modules are small enough that we can replace the 'mini' modules we have been using on certain jobs and increase our light output at the same time. With all of the testing that has been done on this site, Eric seems to have a pretty good feel for what products are a cut above. Let face it, we all take a leap of faith to some extent when trying out new products. I would much rather try something that has some experienced sign people vouching for it as well as using something made anyw
  6. We do the same thing! I think ours is up to $7 million now, if you're gonna go, go big right? You only need to sell one lol. We do some work for local print companies as well and it can be a challenge getting the necessary info to make a full quotation. Alot of times we provide a $ range for install if we still are unsure about the scope. Big thing is to be specific about what you are quoting so it is easy to understand what is included and what is not and that the client understands that there might be a change moving forward. We have had the luxury of working on multiple projects with
  7. In Arizona you need to file a pre-lien within a certain amount of time from the beginning of the project in order to file a lien for payment at the end of the project. And lien's go away when the property goes into foreclosure, learned that the hard way. The only problem is with the pre-lien, clients get freaked out when you send it to them because they think you are putting a lien on your property. You have to explain that you are just making it possible for you to place a lien on their property if they don't end up paying.
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