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  1. teverett

    Has anyone done work for VPC

    Last time we did work for them in 2009 they paid within 30 days.
  2. teverett

    Bookkeeping/Accounting Software

    We use Quickbooks Manufacturing Edition and it works well for us. We also tried Cyrious, but after over a year of trying to set it up to work for our internally illuminated signs we finally decided to cut our losses ($10,000) and give up the fight. We just went back to Quickbooks. We liked the "idea" of Cyrious, but could never get it to set up correctly for our purposes. We had several on-line training sessions scheduled with Cyrious that they did not keep, and when we did finally get a training session we seemed to know more about the software then the trainer. It was frustrating. They were also unresponsive to our complaints. Quickbooks is not perfect, mind you, but it is actually an inexpensive reliable product compared to the latter.
  3. teverett

    Gateway Facility Solutions

    We did get paid. 90 days on the dot.
  4. teverett

    Gateway Facility Solutions

    We did a removal from them in April and have yet to be paid. They said they were not paying due to a "compliance issue". I sent the required information to them (again) end of last month and have yet to receive a call back on when we will get paid. I would be leery of doing anything too large with them.
  5. teverett

    WE need your help (Part 2)

    Atlas Sign Industries (Florida) Big Image Graphics (Texas) Bootz & Duke Sign Co. (Arizona) Colite International (South Carolina) DPJ Signs (New Jersey) PFM Logistics (TN) Philadelphia Sign (NJ) Sign Art, Inc. (Michigan)
  6. teverett

    Install on Split Face Block Wall

    Yes, I do like your suggestion, Gary.
  7. teverett

    Install on Split Face Block Wall

    Yeah, we figured we would have to do a frame at this point. Would have been fine if the customer hadn't insisted on putting fasteners on the outside edge I think.
  8. teverett

    Install on Split Face Block Wall

    Thanks for the ideas I will pass on to our installers. Here is a bit more information on a sign we have all ready installed that needs fixed. Sign is 6' 6" x 25' for the background so the background is in two pieces. The sign/background had all ready been made as split block face wall was not noted in the original survey. We installed the sign direct to the wall putting our fasteners inside the letters so that we could hide the heads, but customer insisted that the winds were too high in that area and they wanted fasteners on the outside edge of sign. Now the background is "wavy" looking and customer is not happy. Any ideas on fixing an all ready installed sign? Background is 090 aluminum painted a silver metallic. Letters are LED lit.
  9. We have been running into a lot of installs on split face block walls lately. We are looking for ideas of better ways to install signs on these walls without having to build extra frames or raceways. For example one sign is a brushed metal background with individual lighted letters mounted to it. How do you install the background without it showing the "hills and valleys" of the split face block without building a frame for the sign. Has anyone come up with some neat trick?
  10. 1996 GMC Topkick with 1975 Wilkie 75' Aerial Ladder for sale. $26,500. Truck is in good condition with 190,314 miles, 5 speed transmission, gas, spring suspension, standard cab, air brakes, GVW 26000. Aerial Ladder is 1975 Wilkie 75' ladder (serial #7973225). Price includes Miller Blue Charger gas welder, 9 compartments for storage.
  11. 1992 Ford L8000 with 1985 Dyna-Lift 82' crane for sale. $22,500, Truck is in good condition with L8000 Diesel engine, 6 speed transmission, spring suspension, standard cab, air brakes. Crane has recently been certified by the State of Washington 1985 Dyna-Lift 82' crane (serial #B824872113). Also includes Miller Blue Charger CC/DC welder/battery charger/generator. Six storage compartments misc/1 steel/scrap compartment. 38,000 GVW