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  1. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions Erik. I do believe we will give it a trial run on a couple smaller projects. Thanks again.
  2. Where we are located. Clients are more likely to use leds now a days for the maintenance savings aspect. But we are unique, Vancouver BC, most other areas have a much more likely life expectancy then us do to the extreme rainfalls we get. And wind whether it be a leaf blowing onto the electrode or the rain and gunk blocking the drainholes in signs. We really do need waterproof high quality leds out here.
  3. What is the IP rating for these mods. They seem unlikely to have enough protection to withstand our very damp vancouver weather. Just with condensation alone here we require at least IP65. You mention rated for wet locations but no IP rating? not sure how they change it over from .5w @ 12v to 1.6w @14.7v? And a few little errors --- A> the board says 1.4w not 1.6w B> it says 1.4w @12v C> it says axle9b and axle 9xb which tends to point to 2 different boards for 2 different voltages. And lastly how do you work out the voltage of the transformer when you adjust it unless you hook up a voltage meter onto it. And adjustable transformers have a variance anyway due to a potentiometer being not accurate over time. Hence keeping it at 14.7v is very hard to achieve. I am very interested in cutting my illumination costs and 2 mods per foot with the claimed results almost seems too good to be true. If I am mistaken with my concerns please let me know as I would love to use such an economical product.
  4. That is a weird example.. Proscan is owned by RCA who hold many patents in the US.
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