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  1. NW Signs has designed and built creative custom signs for nearly 25 years. We build electrical and architectural signs from a variety of materials with an emphasis on good design and quality craftsmanship. We enjoy working together and have pride and ownership in the quality of our finished products. We have an immediate opening for an experienced electrical sign installer to lead our new installation and service department. This is a lead level position; applicant should be able to work independently as well as lead a team and establish ongoing training as the department grows. Duties to include: installation of all types of signage, service, surveys, stocking and maintenance on truck. Training and supervision of installation apprentices. Provide input for permitting, design, and fabrication as needed. Must have: Minimum 5 years of electrical sign installation experience including complex installs. Ability to work under pressure and solve problems under deadlines Valid Washington State EL04 Sign Electrician card Good driving record Own tools Exceptional customer service skills CDL license Bonus points for: NCCCO crane operator certification (we will facilitate this if needed) Certified field welder Compensation: TOP pay DOE, medical with bonuses Will assist with relocation for the right candidate.
  2. Looking for an experienced lead installer to run our brand new L60 Pete. Great pay and benefits. Will help relocate the right candidate. Must have all the requires licenses and a minimum of 5 years experience with the ability to train and lead other installers.
  3. Thanks James. I will shoot you an email as well with additional questions. Looking forward to nailing this down. The machine bends with enough precision to fit an acrylic face well but the adhesive has been eluding us.
  4. Alright so I need to get to the bottom of this for outdoor use. We have an Adams SCB and have been asking about the trimless letters but keep getting the answer that they are for indoor use and smaller letters. The weak point would be the adhesive used to mount the acrylic face in. The adhesive needs to be clear of course but any clear option is not designed for structural use. We have built some samples and put them through testing with not so great success. Is this a serious viable product for outdoor use that has been tested or just a sales pitch? Again I am a customer and love the machine, we crank out a lot of letters with precision and speed but the whole trimless thing? not so much. I would love a solution that works if there is one.
  5. NW Signs is seeking a business development and sales manager willing to take ownership of our sales and marketing process by becoming a champion for our company, building our reputation through marketing and relationships as well as developing new sales strategies. This person will understand that the greatest way to build our reputation is to truly care for our clients and to seek out their best interest. This person will have a proven sales and marketing record with corporate and retail business clients and will be able to develop a sales strategy and team with little assistance. NW Signs is a custom electrical and architectural sign company of 23 years. We have a stellar reputation in the industry and more importantly with our customers. We are in an aggressive growth phase and expanding into a larger facility with a fantastic team of employees. As a growing company we require flexibility, the present role will include the following responsibilities… Seek and develop new relationships in order to increase the highest profit margin revenue streams Build better relationships with existing clients to develop additional opportunities. Develop sales strategies and train new outside sales reps. Work with the design department to develop marketing materials. Look for opportunities to increase customer satisfaction across all departments. Invest in self education of the sign business including learning our manufacturing process and capabilities. The right candidate will have the following experience and character… Must have a good reputation, being known for honesty and good virtue. A degree or equivalent qualification is recommended, but a proven background in business development is far more important. A strong track record of business-to-business sales at a corporate and retail level. Strong research and strategic analysis skills. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written and be able to cold call potential clients with confidence. Skilled at listening well to potential clients and providing solutions that are best for the client. Excellent organizational skills. Able to track many ongoing projects and potential clients. Proficient with basic computer skills including outlook and Microsoft office applications. Has a reliable vehicle and license in order to travel locally. Compensation Highly dependent on experience and abilities. Structure to include salary, commission, bonus, and benefits.
  6. This may not sound encouraging but I mean it to be - this is on you if you are in charge. Sounds like it is time to step back and work on your business instead of letting it grow out of control. Look at your processes and kill what is not working and try something new. Establish new process and standards and stick to them for at least 90 days and then reevaluate. Create a new business and marketing plan and go after markets you want with the clients you want and fire the rest. Create a new niche or develop a new product or style. Been there. Sold my last sign shop ten years ago for the same reason and then later realized all the mistakes I had made. Keep fine tuning and run your business, dont let it run you into the ground.
  7. I call genius marketing stunt.
  8. Are these guys still around? Looks like their site is gone and probably has been for some time. Looking for options on metal retainers for larger clouds and channel lettering. Any other sources?
  9. Thanks Brian, that is certainly helpful. We use Excel for estimating and PM right now but hoping for something easier to implement for employees.
  10. Well then we should have a picture by now of either a new monument or a sign laying on the ground.
  11. Yes you could anchor it to the top of the wall but unless you know exactly how that wall was built and what kind of footing it has you will be in a lot of trouble. I would highly doubt that the footing was engineered for that type of load - tear it down and start over.
  12. Any users here? Love it? Hate it? Could care less about it?
  13. Where are you NW shops getting your coil? Seems like all local suppliers are only stocking a couple of coils in the black and white. I have a hard time thinking no one else uses the colored coil and because of the weight its just silly to ship a few at a time
  14. NW Signs in Duvall WA has been building custom electrical and dimensional signs for 25 years. We are a family owned business with every person playing a vital role on the team. We are looking for a person with a multitude of skills and capable of managing many projects and potential projects simultaneously. Duties will include inside sales, design, estimating, permit acquisition, and project management. Must be proficient with Adobe Illustrator, Excel, and Word. Skills required are good customer service including excellent communication (outside and team) via email and phone. Common sense is essential as well as the ability to prioritize multiple projects and customers on a continuous basis. Duties to include: Inside sales - qualifying customers through incoming calls and emails, assessing their needs and working through the sales process. Design - able to work in Illustrator efficiently from digitizing rough art to designing electrical monument and building signs and creating sales presentations. Create permit drawings and shop drawings for fabrication. Estimating - Break down materials and time for projects designed in house as well as plans sent by customers. Project Management - procure and follow up with outside vendors and schedule installations as well as submit permits and schedule inspections. Sales, customer service, and sign design are of top priority. We pay well depending on experience, medical insurance available. Join a team that has great pride in our work in a fun and creative work environment.
  15. Get on the phone! Call every local sign shop then go visit them. I dont know about your area but finding qualified subs for installation who are reliable around here is tough.