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  1. First off, chat rooms have for the most part been very inefficient for me. When I get a chance to go in, in-between jobs, rarely is anyone in them. This has been the case of various chat rooms, not this one specifically. Therefore, I very rarely visit any chat rooms. Secondly, I joined this forum to learn areas of the sign business I know nothing about. Since I'm a "vinyl jockey", I do not have knowledge to offer "upper scale" sign shops who offer work that tremendously exceeds my talents. With my limited knowledge, my posting would basically be a waste of time for most members of the forum because they are much more advanced than myself. Thirdly, since we run a 1 1/2 person shop we stay relatively busy and I have less and less time to spend on forums or any other sites for that matter. We are currently covered up but I did want to reply to the request to respond. This forum offers tons of knowledge, from my standpoint and over time I hope I can gain from some of the member's knowledge. phishook
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