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  1. I was having the same problem, but after I deleted my cookies and temp. files I was able to access it. I would contact them even if you get it fixed so they know there is a problem. -Lance
  2. Great. Thanks for the info guys. I guess I'll get my army of lawyers to.... oh wait, I don't have an army of lawyers. I'll just talk to the guy wearing cut off jean shorts named "Rock Steady" that lives in his van and has the breath of a Rhinoceros.
  3. Does anyone have any contact info on these guys. All their phone numbers are disconnected and they owe us some money. I'm pretty sure they went under, but thought I would ask the Syndicate for some info. Thanks! -Lance
  4. That's like 3 blocks from where I used to live. Crazy. I wonder if he had his harness on and had to take it off to jump out while he was on fire. -Lance
  5. Sesco


    Thanks guys. You are the best!
  6. I received a buyer request from a company called Adart. According to our notes, we did some work for them a long time ago and had trouble with payment. Has anyone worked for them recently? Another issue is the sign installation is for Goody's. I know they went bankrupt not too long ago. Any info or experiences would be great. Thanks syndicate! You rock!
  7. I only come here for the free beer and hot wings.
  8. Vince, We can handle all of your sign needs throughout the state of Alabama. Please email your scope of work to dispatch@scottservices.com and I will get you a quote. Feel free to check out our website or our reviews on signsearch.com. Thanks! Lance Cossey
  9. I will be in Spring Hill this weekend, my in laws live literally down the road from the shipping address. I could egg his house or put a flaming bag of poo on his door step for ya. haha
  10. The previous owners transported it, and yes, a lot of glass was broken. I have most of the broken pieces though. I figure $3,000 for a good system that needs work is a fair deal considering all the parts that come with it. Am I way off? I will look inside and take a picture for you guys. Thanks for all the feedback!! -Lance
  11. Pictures of what it looks like now...
  12. Thanks for the info Manuel. Do you have his email address or other contact info? Also, here are some pictures of when it was set up.
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