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  1. Project Coordinator Our company is searching for a Project Coordinator who can work efficiently as a team player in a small group with a common goal to meet each customer’s expectations. We’re looking for a person with a high level of commitment, self-motivation, and eagerness to learn and grow. An inquisitive mind, combined with high attention to detail are keys to success in this role. Objectives Manage expectations among key players as conditions and schedules change Coordinate project activities across departments and with vendors to manage timelines, identify a
  2. Nice Layout & clean install. Very nice Eric!
  3. Erik, I couldn't agree with you more on this. It's too bad none of the "neon" companies didn't put up a bigger fight against the LED companies. I see way to many LED channel letters now that are so badly fading out, in white and also red LED's, that have only been up for a couple of years, unlike their hype, that these will have to retro fitted in the near future at the customers expense. So much for their savings.
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