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    Canoeing, Fishing, Trapping, Camping, Bicycling and almost anything outside

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  1. A canoe/fishing trip down the Eleven Point River.

  2. Kgirl: We are strongly considering signing up for the 1 year subscription as a Board Patron. We are a wholesale to sign trade direct manufacturing of Channel Letters, Logo Boxes, and Cabinets. I currently do not see such a Board Patron in this category. Is this an accurate assessment? Our Marketing Director is asking that I get all the dimensions & specifications for our banner ads, signature lines, etc. so that we can have them submitted in advance of ous coming on line with you. Estimated launch date for us on the Sign Syndicate is Aug. 15th. Thanks Mike Ketcherside
  3. I just wanted to give a shout out to the Sign Syndicate that 1 Source Sign Company is actively looking for Channel Letter, Logo Box, & Cabinet Manufacturing opportunities. Most Channel Letters leave our shop in two weeks or less from time of order. Simply looking for an opportunity to quote. www.1sourcesign.com
  4. Welcome from Mike at McGill Marketing Group!

  5. Welcome from Mike at McGill Marketing Group!

  6. Welcome from Mike at McGill Marketing Group!

  7. In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday!

  8. We are looking for a good used 10' electric sheer, preferably a Cincinatti brand, but will consider others. We are located in the midwest, and would like to avoid buying this through a broker/reseller. Only need to cut .125 material or less. Mike Ketcherside 573-651-1727
  9. Charlie: We have a mutual friend, Steve Lummer, from Sexton Pest Control. He thought I should give you a call regarding our product lines. However, when I saw this post on the message board,I figured that I would go ahead and "tag" you here on the syndicate. Would you be open to a call? Mike Ketcherside CEO/McGill Marketing Group
  10. I had the privilege of having lunch with Dr. Kahn. She is most knowledgeable and also very personable. A trait not always found in unison. She would be a great presenter.
  11. It sounds like I missed out on meeting and knowing a most excellent person. Not to mention a sign legend. Please accept my condolences on behalf of myself, and McGill Marketing Group.
  12. "Good advertisement does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief." --Leo Burnett

  13. Ok, so I checked my database at McGill Marketing, we are based in Missouri, and did not find anyone by that name in our system. Sorry, that I was unable to help you. mike
  14. That seems a little extreme, but maybe not depending on the scope of the job. Usually an additional 1 million is enough beyond your normal policy. Maybe you can get a quote for just the time period needed, then build it into the price? Not sure if this helps. Mike K. McGill Marketing Group www.mcgillmarketing.com
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