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  1. Looks like it was a high rise and the welds on the cap ring must have failed! Probably no plug welds either.
  2. my dad back in the day said they carried an extension ladder on the city bus. one in front one in rear windows slid open and holding against the bus! Not sure it is true but I was taught some crazy stuff to be able to get the job done!!
  3. that truck is amphibious, it is all over!! Some of you will get this!!
  4. good part is it is only the logo and one letter not all!
  5. Chicago metal rolled products, well in Chicago. I don't have number handy but they have website!
  6. Anyone have phone number for Wal-mart Sign Shop. Old number in rolodex is out. Boo
  7. boo

    bp led's

    thanks for the information. I did have a reply from a gentleman at Blair and will follow up on that one as well as the Hyoco. Boo
  8. been out of the electical sign world for a few years and getting back involved and I am looking for price change led to drop into existing cabinet. Looking around at all of the older and newer retrofits, I like the green bp price changers the best. Stroke appears to be wider than most, all I have seen are working properly(I am sure this is a can of worms but just from what I have seen)It appers that the outline of the number is raised up off of the face material itself and you can see this as it has a "embossed or raised" apperance where most others are recessed into the face material thus lea
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