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  1. re:  bushiod br30 / br40 thread (yeah, I couldn't figure out how to reply either...)

    Led lamps have a different dimming characteristic than incandescent lamps and will not track each other when wired to the same dimmer. This is because incandescent lamps require considerable energy to just light up at all, while leds are pretty linear with pulse width / phase angle of the applied voltage. Just converted all of the dash lighting in my VW bus to led (which worked wonderfully, by the way), and had to retrofit the separate tachometer with led because of this problem.


    Also, led requires a different dimmer type which dims much lower than an incandescent type dimmer. [Incandescent will dim all the way on a led dimmer, but the reverse isn't true.

    Long time no hear, by the way.

    Telford Dorr

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