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  1. on top of what paul said, the basket controls are towards the back of the basket? so you cant be holding onto a sign face or anything while you are booming up? how many lamps can you fit in that bin 15?
  2. there should be a thread devoted to posting pics and info of old school sign stuff like that
  3. signtiffic thinks it looks great too
  4. think i know what you are talking about, but post pics
  5. cords suck, make it run off an attached battery!
  6. I guess i am a bit confused as to what these franchises will do? are they actually going to be smaller versions of the yesco facilities? manufacturing and servicing signs?
  7. building is for sale in the classifieds of signweb
  8. 400k to tubelight!!!
  9. anytime gas goes up, so will everything else.
  10. the crane is great but the truck is a piece. I sold it, its gonna get picked up in the next week or so. I bought a sx57 on a freightliner FL60 in august and im never looking back. I bought it with another bucket truck for an amazing price and dumped about 5k into it on repairs that I knew it needed. whats been giving you so many problems? I assume the inside cylinders?
  11. justin, how is the elliot treating you?
  12. we dont advertise it as a service like you do, but my brother and I and one of our installers will go out on a moments notice for an emergency. We work 6-7 days a week anyways. Its happened a few times but nothing I could see being worth marketing. In what instances do you have customers who will be calling you at 1 am? Other then a sign falling down and needing to be removed or repaired for health and safety concerns?
  13. how did you guys make channel letter patterns on the projector?
  14. I love hearing old stories, true ones. Anyone have stories of installs? I have heard many about the days of no baskets on the skyhooks, installers climbing the ladders on the cranes up 50' to put an 8x8 face in a sign. It really blows my mind and is hard to grasp. I mean these people really were nuts.
  15. We are raising our rates because some will not pay a surcharge. yea We dont line item a surcharge, just throw in extra money to the bill as we see fit
  16. Somewhere in the archives on this site, our now beloved, deceased JoeMamma did a great tutorial on servicing signs with a multimeter and what those readings represented. gn any info you can pass along would be great. I am looking to expand the service side of our business.
  17. Both my local sign supplier and I am looking for socket testers, Havnt known anyone that still makes them. anyone have a source? Im looking for like 2 he is looking for a hundred
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