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  1. they are only 40 bucks cheaper for a rebuilt vs new remotes for the sx/manitex cranes. we still buy new. Wish they were more competitive with that stuff.
  2. Who is the national that handles the exterior signage for WAWA in the northeast?
  3. Anyone know if they sold off all their equipment yet? I wouldnt mind driving down and getting some things if they are selling
  4. at 59 do you have any sort of exit strategy?? you said you have a lead installer who worries about getting the jobs done. Thats a good thing. It shows he has an interest in the company. Does he have any brains to run a company? have you discussed a buy out plan with anyone? I dont know how many people you have working for you or the size of the actual business but at your age you might want to think about your exit. Since you have been working for 40 years and many of those at a successful business you own i would like to think you have some options( money) and can dial it back a bit and hire someone to help with day to day.. There are certainly people out there you just have to pay for them.
  5. if you have that much work hire another person.
  6. I had a grapthtec 700? something . it was the biggest POS i think i ever purchased. We couldnt wait to throw that thing in the dumpster
  7. Im sure there are plenty out there that are working fine but I would never buy one as a primary plotter. Id lose more money then id save if mine ever went down for a few days. Our mimmaki has been flawless for the last 7-8 years (knock on wood)
  8. I was also thinking that, i dont think the impact would have lifted the boom up like that either it would have just mangled it
  9. there are a couple of them closing in my area and i would like to know who is the national service provider?
  10. Does anyone have experience with: SignArt 6225 Old Concord Drive Charlotte, NC 28213 704-597-9801 www.signartsign.com I saw a signart in the national review but the address and website do not match up. They are doing some bank work and I was wondering if anyone has experience with them?
  11. Looks great, but regarding the lords. It is not sticky when it is cured.it is rock solid
  12. new being from the factory, you rebuilding them, or you building your own
  13. how much are rebuilds on sx series skyhoists?
  14. Ill shit in a 5 gal bucket before i spend 40 bucks and have to transport that around
  15. so what does that mean? are they giving you a 33k gvw truck and derating it to 30? or are they getting a 26k truck and putting bigger springs on it.
  16. Let me be your tester when you get some outdoor wall packs, I just put up a new fab shop and need some for over the garage doors
  17. time to remount the crane and turn that truck into a flatbed
  18. you are not missing anything, its just how they sell more. They try and skirt the issue because companies do not want to have to have cdl drivers and all the extra expense with that so they try and pull the wool over our eyes and do not have any real word experience with these trucks. As you said once you put the welder, some tanks. your two guys, all the tools we use everyday, hardware you will be overweight not to mention if you want to carry a sign on it or even pull a trailer, that truck needs to be on a 33k chassis. P.S in reference to this, what happens when you are overweight? do they give you a fine and you drive away or do they make you offload until you are underweight and write a ticket? "We currently have one of our fleet cranes with a similar setup and our drivers get popped for being overweight all the time at weigh stations. "
  19. I buy my transco switches from him and also about 6 goose neck lights. all great products. I would like to try those white leds he has
  20. so I wasnt supposed to use VHB tape?
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