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  1. do you farm your own hay or buy it? how many acres do you have, how large is their pasture?
  2. very cool. how many do you have and what are you feeding them? how much does it cost you
  3. a couple pilings drivin into the riverbed and you can mount that. Nothing is impossible if you have deep pockets
  4. Gary,look closer, there is a guy on the controls. Vince are you in diff building than you where in?
  5. I know dualite and Everbrite have the account for building and installing but dualite told me dollar general handles their service work in house. Does anyone know if they have a national vendor for this? I have a local one that I would like to do the service work for.
  6. got a service call inquiry from them to restring a 50' flag pole for a walmart. feedback???? Adam Signs 1100 Industrial Ave SW Massillon Oh 44648 330-832-9844
  7. I got it twice, on explorer and chrome
  8. some of my scrap yards wont take ballast anymore unless is says "no pcb's" on it.
  9. INFINITY dealership signs are made in china as well.
  10. they called me for service work at a Monroe muffler nearby. I have never heard of them. thanks
  11. we recently did a few interior installs for Thomas sign & awning
  12. Welcome to the darkside my friend. You will never look at a round tube truck the same
  13. We are in the same boat. Blowing every years past sales out of the water, we could add another truck and crew but like you who knows when its going to slow down. We run a super lean company. I would rather have people with as much work as they want to handle then too many people and them sweeping up when it slows down. The workers have nothing to complain about. they are out of here at 5 everyday working 5 days a week. Its us owners what work 70-90hrs a week. Not that I am complaining. I built up this monster so I have to slay it. We will be adding our first outside sales rep in the coming months to take some of that work load off. With estimates of how many people we have to brush off because we are too busy that should pay off in spades.
  14. I dont know how people use knuckle booms in the sign industry. so bulky. If you are asking my opinion I would keep the 40' truck you have unless it gives you problems. I couldn't imagine NOT having a smaller truck that can get in anywhere and close to buildings for service work and installs. keep the 40' for backup, im sure it doesn't owe you anything anymore. if it is still reliable then hang onto it. Keep the wilke for bigger lifts and get a sx57 on a single axle with front and rear outriggers and make that into your rolling shop. Good boxes with roll out drawers, welder with cables on reels, tanks with lines on a reel, water tank, ladders on the boom. trailer hitch ect.
  15. yup, its the same raquet you see these guys selling the sx57's and l55's l60s on trucks under cdl.. the truck weighs 24k out of the factory and then is overweight after you put your welder and bottles on. check out the Crane center in ohio, there website might not be up to date but they are one of the best in the business with skyhoist/manitex cranes. call and see what they have in stock. Not sure of your budget but you could probably pick up a great condition tandem 87 for around 100-125k. a single axle 87 in decent shape go for 60-80 as you may have noticed and there is a reason. most have been flogged. Are you replacing that 80' knuckleboom truck you have? isnt that thing a tandem? a sx57 and rx87 are a big jump from one another. which one do you see yourself using more? I forget what other trucks do you have to support this on an install?
  16. Nooo sir. nothing above a sc62 should be on a single in my opinion unless you are just using it for service work. If you are going to make it a rolling shop with all the gear and haul trailers/ signs its going to be overweight on a single. Ill bet a rx87 with cheap boxes weighs every bit of 30-31k empty
  17. Ok i will keep my eyes pealed. Hopefully you wouldnt get an 87 on a single axle
  18. haha, yea these used commercial truck dealers are a bunch of sleezballs from what im noticing
  19. I wonder if one of them actually has it or if they are just brokers trying to sell for someone else
  20. Skyhoists are head and shoulders above an elliot IMO. You didnt really mention any particular models you are looking at. Hopefully you are looking at an SX or rx series with a self leveling basket and an in basket jib. I have an sx57 and it has been great. I cant wait till I have a need for something bigger so I can find a rx87on a tandem
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