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  1. A lot of all of the above brother.. I was just on the road for 27 days (12 of them vacation in Cali) My distribution sales has gotten in the way of my true passion, Signage. I'll put my feet up and stay awhile this time...Kgirl...Get me a beer!
  2. Hi Lisa and welcome to the SS!
  3. Watched it..ehhhhhhhh..too much tissue and not enough issues. I also like Real Houswives of Orange County in the Shark Tank.
  4. I have typed and erased 5 different replies to this...so I will just say.. I make a good salary, very good compared to a farm worker, let's say but nowhere near what a so called 1%'er would pull in... But I am average I guess, middle class if not upper..Been working non stop for MORE than half of my 46 years, I own a house, a couple cars and a boat...All because I have BUSTED MY ASS, applied myself, started literally at the absolute BOTTOM of my company (Warehouse 10 years) and rose to better positions. These 99% people make me sick. Anybody who thinks they have a RIGHT to take what I have simply because it is owed to them..well..I have 3 words for them. CLICK CLICK BOOM
  5. It is true regarding hours per start. we rate commercial linear lamps by hours of operation between starts. The longer the lamp is on, the less stress to electrodes ectera. Kinda like a body in motion stays in motion. ;o)
  6. Time to hunker down! All of our DFW area friends stay low and hunkered down.. Except for Mark @ Alltex..He is heading for the bar as we speak..lol
  7. Even if it is photoshopped! But hey, I like double burgers and double...well ya know
  8. Years ago there were Door to Door long life light bulb salesmen.."The last light bulb you will ever buy ma'am, you will leave these to your grandchildren" Heck you used to buy a case of lamps and get a toaster...lol As far as cathode guards..EVERY flourescent manufacturer worth 2 cents has a CG on their lamps. And while there is some debate as to extending life, it does prevent end darkening from phosphors settleing on the hot electrodes and thus falling out of the cycle, similar to a "getter" on HID lamps.....
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