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    Vacuum formers, CNC routers 10'x30', cnc folding,neon plants,digital printers,12' power shears,plasma cnc,ploters, panel saws cnc, power rolls, accubend cnc, cln cnc, welders alum.steel,stainless,mixing stations PMS, and much more..
  1. Let me guess someone owes you money one of the big national sign mfg out there will not pay? let me know if i am right Mike NSW
  2. Amen brother.. In this industry you can not be 100% Green and that is what I told my UL inspector when he wanted me to carry there Green label. I asked why should I put a Green label on something that is not. Now this came up on a LED lit product. LEDs are not 100% Green if you brake the entire process down to mfg the LED from start to finish it is not green, now Neon is green to me.. lead free glass,natural gases to pump the unit, the mecury can be recycled the glass can be recycled, the transformers use less power and produce the same and on and on. LEDs on the other hand are a bunch of man made products used to produce this componet , allot of bad chemicals that are a health hazzard and once they used up and do not work any more, you can not recycle any of the componets. That is not green to me, Plus I told him why would I put a label on something that was not true? All he said is you have a point. the other question I threw at him was... why is 90% of this type of product made outside of the USA?..... Drum roll please..... THE EPA he did not have the answer but I did... And after all that I give him a cup of coffee something sweet to eat, patt him on the head, talk about something not related to this industry and say.. see next time.. Now I would not recommend you saying this to your inspector unless you are really tight with them. I can get away with it I have had same person for 22 years now. Just another day Chime in and try to convince me that LEDs are 100% Green from the ground up. start to finish.. Mike NSW
  3. From all for us at NSW Systems LLC. enjoy the little things and slow down.. Have a safe and joyfull Thanksgiving
  4. Hello Erik if you do ask the question for the retail side try to ask what state they are located in then you will get a feel of how the country is doing. where the it is hot right now and where it is not. I would do the same for the service and install side and you are right about the wholesale side, is ih hard to get a fix on our side of this industry. one min we are bidding on a project in Salt Lake City,UT to Nashville,TN. Our playground is the whole country. One min Texas is hot then South Carolina and back to Missouri. some states are steady some are spoty just depends on the sales team for that Co. Mike NSW Systems
  5. Hello all havent been here for a while but would like to know if some larger fab shop bit the bullet lately, we have been getting hammered with bids and have been busy. This happens when someone is about to go under.. Hey if anyone is in the know.. let me know, and keep the bids coming Have a nice day Mike NSW Systems LLC.
  6. you are right Brian there is a blower on the rig and the garden hose must have been for the gas, PVC pipe for the mixing tank that is kind of bad but I is a good idea. the ribbon burner look newer at least the head. all you need is a set of cross fires and you can start bending, some were in that building is the rest of the plant. If he was bending you know he was pumping. Mike NSW
  7. you are right Brian there is a blower on the rig and the garden hose must have been for the gas, PVC pipe for the mixing tank that is kind of bad but I is a good idea. the ribbon burner look newer at least the head. all you need is a set of cross fires and you can start bending, some were in that building is the rest of the plant. If he was bending you know he was pumping. Mike NSW
  8. Crowder supply in CO. 888-883-5144 they sell air post drivers they are faster than Hydro more hits per min plus if you have a boom truck you just hook on to the unit and pound away you need a compressor of some type but it beats the heavy hydro lines and when you brake it down there is no mess to clean up good luck Mike NSW
  9. Hello Jim call me or email me Mike NSW
  10. that looks like it was produced with a waterjet cutter Mike NSW
  11. Hot wire cutter with stainless steel .030 wire. Kitco was a mfg. you have to make a jig if you want to spilt them the 48" way one wire on top and one on the bottom if I read the post right. but if you are just making them shorter then wrap the wire around the oval shape and turn on the power heat up and put a damp cloth on the spot it will snap off clean then you can flame polish the end just like you would do to neon tubing. not a plug for Mark at SVP but he might have the wire and Kitco cutter if not he will point you in the right direction. you might want to warm up the glass in that spot before you cut. good luck Mike NSW
  12. OK I have lookers but no takers. what would you want to be paid if you were to run a UV flatbed digital printer? I am open to any price given. I am looking for a good price that would give somone a chance to make a living remember I am a wholesale shop, I feel that the job is easy but on the other hand boring very low end.. load and hit start make sure that the print is good, kinda like cnc table operator job take a nap untill the file is done or sweep around the machine untill the parts are cut.. no set up just baby sit. Minium wage over here is $7.45 or somthing like that, but i was thinking more along the lines for a startup in the $12.00 to $13.00 dollar range if the person needs trained, but if they have years under there belt running this type of equipment what are they worth? what do you think Thanks Mike NSW Systems LLC.
  13. Renae are there lawyers going after you? Mike NSW
  14. Got a question how much would you pay someone to operate a flatbed UV printer? just looking for a fair wage. we are starting another division and looking at the labor cost. He or She would operate (run) the equipment load and unload media,mantain the equipment it would be there baby. This is a large machine sheet stock and roll to roll media if you operate or own you can post here or email me. Thanks Mike NSW Systems LLC nswsystems@gmail.com
  15. Erik you are right. I must have over looked this post. but when I read it on SW a week or so ago my thoughts were.. Who is BS ing Who here ? If I donated $900.000 I would at least like to have a little brass plack,or a small write up just to make me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. hell I just gave you $900.000 and I don't care if i am a LED eco-green tree hugging radical..put my name out there so the people know.. and they can buy more of my product.. As for Solyndra Solar what a smack that stink goes all the way to to top of this goverment.. I would love to have the sales team that put that project together. sell something to the goverment that you know is going to fail. take there money, run the stock up as high as it will go, cash out. put on a show, and bail.. and the worst part is that it cost $6.00 to produce and they sold it for $2.00 those may not be real numbers but it was a total loss from the begining.. Mike NSW
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