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  1. bout 8hrs for me! might be worth it though. -Matt
  2. How bout them Steelers!!! wooooo
  3. I'll be there. Got Classes on Wed and Thursday. -Matt
  4. Thanks! r you gonna ship that cake or do I need to fly out there! I'd b happy to pick that baby up! -Matt
  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! It was the best of times....It was the worst of times. Two and out for me! One boy, One girl. Well, Great people have great kids, but I bet you already know this. -Matt Oh yea and when the hormones kick-in just remember WCSG did this to you
  6. That one looks great. I love my SLR. As always your work looks great.
  7. WCSG Is that one of yours? Looks great!!! Now let me into the 18++ forum.
  8. HEY! Where are the steelers. lol Good Luck to your chargers!
  9. Happy Turkey Day! I'll help ya' move if you get me a plane ticket! Seriously, great job and ditto on all the great things this site brings us.
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